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Oct 20
Push Against Licenses for Immigrants in Willamette Valley Comes from White Supremacist Stormfront

Above: "Jimmy Marr", a Eugene piper has been distributing flyers throughout the Valley on behalf of the "American Freedom Party", an offshoot of the "Stormfront" in Portland. A rally was held in Springfield yesterday to protest the Party, which has been hanging anti-immigrant posters from freeways as well as on major boulevards in cities throughout the Valley.

Jimmy Marr, American Freedom Party

The group has gone to Arizona to protest immigration with militia members associated with the small koffee klatch of Oathkeepers who have been attending Corvallis city council meetings. The banners they hang often refers to "illegal immigrants" but the most popular one is "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white", a slogan invented by Reagan official Bob Whiteaker, who wrote tracts for White Supremacist organizations 40 years ago. "There is no place for that here. We cannot continue to hate other people and so we need to make sure we are working together as a community in order to bring people together and let them know this is a safe place," said the Superintendant of Public Schools in Springfield Dr. Hertica Martin.
   Michael Carrigan, program director for the Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC) and the father of a daughter adopted from India said he attended the Springfield rally yesterday to say “I’m here to tell teens I have their back. I have my daughter’s back, and I have the back of those kids at Springfield high school". Marrs handed out "Diversity is white genocide" flyers at Springfield High last week.
    The "Free America Rally"  organized by a variety of white supremacist groups including Stormfront "to bring our movement together" is seriously organizing against the referendum proposal to give licenses to undocumented workers and students, for insurance purposes.
    Marr is planning to run for Eugene mayor. That seems to be the latest tactic of wing nuts. A local gun fetishist is running for city Council in Corvallis.

Oct 18
Corvallis Sister City, Uzhhorod (Uzhgorod), in Hands of "Bandits"

Above: Ukrainian nationalists.
   Uzhhorod (Uzhgorod), Corvallis's sister city in the Ukraine, is as unsettled as much of the Ukraine. The capital of Carpathian Ruthenia (also called Transcarpathia among other names), the city and region have a large number of ethnic minorities who worry about the policies of the Ukrainian nationalists who threw out the previous, narrowly elected and pro-Russian government in a coup.  The nationalists are a source of concern for the Rusyn (Ruthenian), Jewish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Romani populations who reflect the nation's history at the southwest corner of Ukraine.
   The mayor of Uzhhorod (Uzhgorod) elected by the Ukrainian nationalist majority is a vitriolic racist who railed, for example, against the "brazen Jewishness" of an opponent who ran against him for the national presidency (they both lost). The national government have thhemselves restored to "good standing" the men who followed Stepan Bandera and collaborated with the Nazis in WWII. The major atrocity against Jews in Ukraine at the time was at Baba Yar, and it was Ukrainian collaborators, not German Nazis, who carried the atrocity out. The new government has boasted of Ukrainian involvement in the atrocity, poimtimg to the fact that 300 Nazi soldiers accompanying them were "squeamish" about the massacre.
   It is not only Jewish Trans-Carpathians who are nervous. At one Romani settlement, "three local police cars arrived in the settlement at 6 AM. Militia members jumped out of the vehicles and began breaking into the homes where everyone was still sleeping. They broke down their doors and sprayed tear gas in the eyes of children who were just waking up. In one house there were six young children asleep, in another, seven. The pretext for attacking the settlement and forcibly entering its dwellings was an alleged search for a Romani man who had reportedly stolen some hay from a neighboring village. "They were behaving like bandits, not cops. They pushed me so hard I almost collapsed. I didn't know what to do. The children were terribly afraid and shouting, so they began spraying tear gas in their eyes. Little children!" says one witness to the conflict.
   In schools, children with names reflecting a non-majority status are assigned "Ukrainian" names. A conversation with a leading candidate for education minister was quoted as "What is your name? Misha. It’s not Ukrainian. You are Mihailo! And your name? Masha. You are Marusa. If you want to be called Masha, go to Russia."
   All minorities have similar concerns. The majority of the previous government was tenuous enough that they set out to guarantee the rights of minorities, and with those guarantees also cement their support in future elections. The new government has no such ideals or aspirations and indeed are committed to assimilating the ethnic minorities or driving them out of the country. It probably behooves Corvallis to re-negotiate "sister city" status with Uzhhorod, asking for guarantees of ethnic rights. If the current administration of the city and the nation continues in its racist path, it could be as embarrassing - not to say, as downright immoral - as for example maintaining a similar relationship with Munich in 1940. It might strike some as a little inappropriate. It might strike MOST as such.

Hal Salwasser, Controversial ex-Forestry Chairman, Dead at 69

Hal Salwasser, former chairman of OSU's Forestry Department died last night. in his Corvallis home. OSU and the gazette tried to spin his tenure as something less complex than it was.
   'Hal was a wonderful colleague, a respected forester and an engaged Corvallis community member,” said OSU President Edward J. Ray. “His work leading the College of Forestry grew the university’s essential contributions in teaching and research concerning the world’s forests, watersheds, natural areas and the wood products industry.'
   It is not for such a career that he is remembered. Salwasser became head of the forestry department at a time when the timber corporations, heretofore rulers of the forests, had begun a long decline and instead had begun shipping the state's logs to Asia for milling. Traditional timber corporations like Weyerhaeuser rebranded themselves as development and real estate companies, and many of those who remained - like the local behemoth Starker Forests - were becoming focused on "sustainable forestry". The College of Forestry itself became diverse, as those concerned with ecology became as numerous or even more so than those who - like Salwasser - viewed the forests as profit generators. 60 years earlier, he'd have been regarded as a progressive Forestry chairman, but by 1990 he was a fossil.
   Salwasser is best remembered for the debacle after the Biscuit Fire in 2002, and specifically for his attempt, together with OSU Professor John Sessions, Michael Newton and 4 other Forestry professors, to suppress a Science Magazine report by OSU grad student Don Donato and a team that showed forests recover best without the salvage logging being advocated then by the timber corporations. Several of the timber corporations, the sole Republican Congressman in Oregon, Greg Walden, Republicans in the legislature as well as Congress, reacted in fury. Donato was stunned. "It's a one-page research note," Donato said, referring to the paper published in Science. "It's not that earth-shattering, and it really would be very easy to put the paper in context and sort of almost trivialize it."
   Salwasser organized a small group of professors to condemn the "'one-page research note" and press Science to not publish it. "Nice Work" Oregon state Senate Republican leader Ted Ferrioli wrote Salwasser. Not quite. The Oregonian and eventually the Los Angeles Times and others were soon carrying headlines about the heavy handed attempt to censor the graduate team's research. It became a national scandal for OSU.
   Salwasser was pressed to appoint a committee on academic freedom to investigate. Their report was damning. "The inability of the leadership [Salwasser and the OSU administration] to recognize the academic freedom issues involved in their participation in the letter to Science calling for delay of the Donato et al. paper, and their coaching of groups interested in attacking the Donato et al. paper, stand out as significant failures of leadership and narrowness of purpose," said the panel, headed by professor K. Norman Johnson."
   The committee also interviewed present and past staff and students. One said "I am ashamed to be receiving a degree from this institution ... My future has been damaged because of the black mark that will forever follow all COF [College of Forestry] graduates." 40% of the faculty were interviewed and a majority felt "problems at the college limit their academic freedom. Many respondents described the college as" a place run by white, 'inbred' 'good old boys"' who intimidate and disparage those who don't agree with their industry-friendly perspectives. They portrayed a 'culture of fear' marked by closed-door decision-making, undisclosed timber interests, harassment (particularly of women) and a sharp divide between ecologists and foresters."
   The department chairman was clearly part of the problem and the panel's findings were "especially critical of Salwasser". The problem was not confined to the Donato report. The Los Angeles Times said he referred to all ecologists as "scam artists and goons", and to the use of lawsuits for ensuring legally required environmental protections as "Mafia protection tactics". "Andy Stahl, director of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, said that he first butted heads with Salwasser in the mid-1980s. At the time, Stahl was working on spotted owl research as a forester for the National Wildlife Federation and Salwasser was working for the Forest Service under President Reagan as a wildlife ecologist. Salwasser "poked his finger into my chest and he said, 'Stahl, if you don't drop this spotted owl thing, we're gonna nail your f*ckin' ass".  Others had similar stories.
   In the wake of the panel's report to the assembled Faculty , a no-confidence vote was held and a third voted no-confidence. Nonetheless, Salwasser survived another 5 years and more before leaving. He was not, despite the bullying repeatedly attributed to him, an evil man, say some who knew him, but just out of step with the times. That was a common theme for the era, when ecology became, for the first time, a valid field of study. There were few in forestry who successfully bridged the 2 eras. We should all regret his passing. Being out of step with the times has never merited death.

Oct 16

OSU in GM Labeling Issue Is Like OSU Was in Maraschino Red Dye Labeling Years Ago
The role of OSU's Forestry and Agriculture departments in dancing to Monsanto's tune on GM labeling isn't surprising. Many residents will recall a very few years ago when OSU felt the need to stage an unprecedented university-wide vote on whether the chairman of the Forestry department (Hal Salwasser, who died last night of natural causes) should keep his job after he and several Forestry professors were caught trying to suppress a study in a national science publication which refuted timber corporations' traditional argument for timber salvage. He might not have been the head of the department if he'd chosen another course of action.
   Less well-remembered is the fight over dyes tied to cancer, and against their labeling by the cherry industry. The maraschino cherry was developed by Ernest Wiegand at OSU and because of perpetual lobbying was eventually granted the sole exception for use of the banned Red Dye No. 4 on the argument that the cherries are not, not REALLY - OSU claimed, a food source. That was despite the fact that most people have always eaten them when encountering the cherries. The toxic dye in them sits in soda and alcoholic drinks, in acidic juices from fruit cocktails, etc. and undoubtedly leaches out. The No. 4 exception is undoubtedly against the public health interest but OSU's Agriculture department long ago gave up that mission. The GM labeling issue is just a part of that long tradition. Just a reminder that agricultural professorships, like forestry professorships, are hard to come by.

Oct 15

Portland is expecting the new recreational marijuana tax will yield $4 million annually for the city.

Oct 14

Above: A team of Oregon beach walkers pulled 3 people from the surf, one of whom was an unconscious young girl. She was hospitalized. The 3 had been trapped with others after climbing onto rocks at Depoe Bay and then decided to "swim for it". A Coast Guard helicopter rescued the other 5 on the rocks.
“The quick response by a helo out of Newport made all the difference” said Depoe Bay Fire Chief Joshua L. Williams in a statement. “There were five frightened, cold, wet people stranded on those rocks. I needed a helo here in 10 minutes, not an hour. We depend on the USCG helo. The surf is too dangerous and too cold for firefighters to enter the water and time is not a luxury you have when performing rescues.”
   The Coast Guard plans to close the Newport facility on Nov. 30 due to budget cuts imposed by Congressional Republicans.

Several thousand (3,200) homeless children go to schools in Oregon, the schools being the only place at times that they can be children. One child 'wakes up behind the Safeway grocery store. He packs all of his belongings in a backpack, cleans up at a gym and heads off to school.
   His mother and her new boyfriend live in a van parked in front of the store. She doesn’t want her son in the van. She tried to send him away, but the boy doesn’t trust the man not to abuse her. And so the child sleeps nearby.
   A girl watched her single dad abuse her older sisters, physically and verbally. She’s 15 now and knows it’ll be her turn soon. She packs a small bag and chooses a classmate’s couch over what awaits her at home.
   A teenager rolls out a sleeping bag in a park near his house every night. The house that was once a home is now filled with drugs and fighting. The teen knows how to hide — the neighbors who see him during the day have no idea he’s all alone.'

Oct 13
As Portland considers substituting a progressive income tax to maintain public streets for a street maintenance fee, a number of organizations have signed on to the proposal as a means of addressing income inequality: 1000 Friends of Oregon, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, the Coalition for a Livable Future, the Community Alliance of Tenants, the Community Cycling Center, Elders in Action, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, AARP Oregon, the Oregon Environmental Council, Oregon Food Bank, the Oregon Opportunity Network, Oregon Walks, the Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership, and Upstream Public Health.
   Such a proposal for Benton County ought to be coupled with a drop in property taxes - and thus rents. In Portland, the mayor wants to cap the fees at $50 for the very wealthy.

Oct 12
A Request from Councilor Penny York for Input On OSU Collaboration
Where should we go next with the OSU/City relationship?
   The current agreement that created the “Collaboration” expires soon. It addressed issues like neighborhood zoning and OSU parking.
   If the incoming City Council and OSU leadership craft a new agreement, what issues should it address?
   Email suggestions to me, the incoming and outgoing City Council, Mayor, and/or OSU leadership. Or consider sending a letter to the Editor at the GT and reach a broader audience. And please share this email with others who may have an interest.
Thanks for your ideas,

Oregon Wells Fargo employee Tyrel Oates sent the CEO of his employer, Wells Fargo, a letter suggesting a $10,000 raise for ALL employee,s and copied the entire company on the letter. It reads:
Mr. Stumpf,
   With the increasing focus on income inequality in the United States. Wells Fargo has an opportunity to be at the forefront of helping to reduce this by setting the bar, leading by example, and showing the other large corporations that it is very possible to maintain a profitable company that not only looks out for its consumers and shareholders, but its employees as well.
   This year Wells Fargo in its second quarter alone had a net income of $5.7 billion, and total revenue of $21.1 billion. These are very impressive numbers, and is obvious evidence that Wells Fargo is one of, if not the most profitable company in the nation right now. So, why not take some of this and distribute it to the rest of the employees.
   Sure, the company provides while not great, some pretty good benefits, as well as discretionary profit sharing for those who partake in our 401k program. While the benefits are nice, the profit sharing through the 401k only goes to make the company itself and its shareholders more profitable, and not really boost the income of the thousands of us here every day making this company the prestigious power house that it is.
   Last year, you had pulled in over $19 million, more than most of the employees will see in our lifetimes. It is understood that your position carries a lot of weight and responsibility; however, with a base salary of $2.8 million and bonuses equating to $4 million, is alone one of the main arguments of income inequality. Where the vast majority, the undeniable profit drivers, with the exception of upper management positions barely make enough to live comfortably on their own, the distribution of income in this company is no better than that of the other big players in the corporate world.
   My estimate is that Wells Fargo has roughly around 300,000 employees. My proposal is take $3 billion dollars, just a small fraction of what Wells Fargo pulls in annually, and raise every employees annual salary by $10,000 dollars. This equates to an hourly raise about $4.71 per hour. Think, as well, of the positive publicity in a time of extreme consumer skepticism towards banks. By doing this, Wells Fargo will not only help to make its people, its family, more happy, productive, and financially stable, it will also show the rest of the United States, if not the world that, yes big corporations can have a heart other than philanthropic endeavors.
   P.S. – To all of my fellow team members who receive a copy of this email. Though Wells Fargo does not allow the formation of unions, this does not mean we cannot stand united. Each and every one of us plays an integral part in the success of this company. It is time that we ask, no, it is time that we demand to be rightfully compensated for the hard work that we accomplish, and for the great part we all have played in the success of this company. There are many of us out there who come to work every day and give it our all, yet, we struggle to make ends meet while our peers in upper management and company executives reap the majority of the rewards. One of our lowest scored TMCS questions is that our opinions matter. Well they do! This email has been sent to hundreds of thousands Wells Fargo employees, (as many as I could cc from the outlook global address book). And while the voice of one person in a world as large as ours may seem only like a whisper, the combined voices of each and all of us can move mountains!
   With the warmest of regards,
Tyrel Oates

Archives here

Oct 19
Dollar Tree Fined $282,500 For OSHA Violations

OSHA has said the Dollar Tree stores (there are two in Corvallis, one at the King's Circle, next to where Albertson's was, and one at 5222 on Philomath Blvd.), has “willfully and repeatedly” shown a reckless disregard for employee safety.' In the past 5 years, the chain has racked up a staggering 234 violations, and has begun to draw 6 figure fines.

The Coast Guard has scheduled a meeting in Newport to listen to the community concerns about closing the station there. '40 to 50 missions that are flown out of the Newport facility every year will be re-routed to North Bend or Astoria. Captain Todd Trimpert, who heads up the agency in southern Oregon, says there are no plans to add additional resource there and response times likely will increase.'

Oct 16

The Victim: Stuffed Horse

Above: The victim. Below: The perpetrator.

The Perp: Sean Johnson

 Sean Johnson, a Walmart customer, grabbed a stuffed horse and pulled out his penis and pressed against the horse until he orgasmed.  At that point, he pulled a comforter off the shelf and tenderly wrapped the object of his affection in it.
Business isn't all fun and games, Sean - at least not for everyone else.

Oct 14

Above: In a sign of the times, 2 Oregon brothers who won the million dollar Powerball drawing will use it to pay off student loans.

Non-compete clauses are now being required of fast food workers which would prevent them from ever working for any other employer in the industry - ever. Why not? Serfdom is next on this Supreme Court's agenda.

Oct 13
Although Oregon's bike share program is suffering, Oregon's Alta Bikes are providing the bicycles for Seattle's bike share programming, which is debuting today.

'A Portland couple who received a loan modification and an apology from Nationstar Mortgage last year to settle their wrongful-foreclosure claims now say the company is trying to foreclose again even though they made all their monthly payments.'

Oct 12
Portland's mayor Charlie Hales has taken an entirely different tack on raising the minimum wage from Seattle's mayor, who backed that city's $15 an hour minimum wage. Hales is instead recommending a federal raise to $10.10 an hour.

Oct 8
Below: Medically explicit

Above: Sarah Silberman talks of the latest figures on wage disparities for women.
   "The Fair Shot agenda is ambitious yet commonsense:
Equal pay for equal work. For every dollar men earned in 2012, Oregon women earned 79 cents – and black and Hispanic women earned even less on average.
Higher minimum wage and paid sick leave. Women make up nearly two-thirds of minimum-wage workers, the vast majority of whom receive no paid sick days. Raising the minimum wage is a major step toward eliminating health disparities and increasing economic opportunities.
Quality, affordable child care. As President Obama said in his 2013 State of the Union address, “Every dollar we invest in high-quality early childhood education can save more than $7 later on – by boosting graduation rates, reducing teen pregnancy, even reducing violent crime.”
At Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, we know that women’s health and economic well-being go hand-in-hand. And we’re doing our part to support Fair Shot Oregon by ensuring that women and their families have access to affordable birth control. It just makes basic economic sense.
A 2010 survey found that more than a third of female voters have struggled to afford prescription birth control at some point in their lives and, as a result, used birth control inconsistently. This isn’t surprising considering co-pays for birth control pills typically range between $15 and $50 a month – up to $600 a year. This is the equivalent of nine tanks of gas in a minivan, one semester of college textbooks or five weeks of groceries for a family of four. In fact, if a typical woman were to pay out-of-pocket for birth control for her lifetime, it would cost her an astonishing $66,000.
But thanks to the Affordable Care Act, about 360,000 Oregon women are receiving access to birth control without the financial burden of co-pays. In the past year alone, the birth control benefit has already saved women across the country a whopping $483 million.
The wide availability of birth control has been an enormous benefit for countless women and their families – enabling them to support themselves financially, complete their education and plan their families and have children when they’re ready. But we can do so much more.
Oregon women deserve a fair shot at economic success. Please click here to join the fight!"

Jennifer Williamson
Board Member, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon

Oct 6

Portlandia's Feminist Bookstore Location to Close

In Other Words, Portland's feminist bookstore which has hosted the Portlandia segments of "For Women and Women Only" will likely close. The store has lost $600 a month despite hosting Portlandia every few months.

Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that they will split into 2 corporations, one devoted to hardware and one to software. Current CEO will transfer with the software ("Enterprise") business.

Over 4,000 have now logged onto and signed a petition started by a Toledo, Oregon resident to salvage the Coast Guard station at Newport, scheduled to close.

Oct 4

The US Coast Guard will close its air rescue facility at Newport. 'The Coast Guard had made a similar statement last April, citing budget constraints, but eventually decided against the closure. '

Critics of the agreement between longshore workers and grain handlers are saying that the agreement surrenders too much power to the grain handlers.

Some great news for Reagan supporters - the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) said today that income equality (aka the Middle Class) has been set back to 1820.

Oct 2

As UO artist Heather Halpern wrote “We’ve hit the big time!” aka Jimmy Fallon.

The Chinese government has warned Big Agra that the supply of cheap labor in the countryside of Asia is at an end as falling birth rates and the demand for factory workers is resulting in a rise of rural wages.

US cotton growers will use more public funds to end a standoff with Brazil. Brazil had sued under international law, claiming that US subsidies of $150 million annually are unfairly non-competitive and the WTO court agreed, threatening US exports to Brazil of $600 million a year. Yesterday, Brazil agreed that in exchange for $300 million, they will drop the WTO claim in future.

See older posts here.

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Tyson Garth Dusty
The 3 Risland brothers are testimony to the need to seriously reassess the failure of the previous generation's War on Drugs. The 3 boys were born to parents whom, a court document asserts, were themselves chronic addicts. At the time, the introduction of implants for birth control were being delayed by Christian religious extremists who had great influence on the Reagan and Bush administrations. Even today, it is politically nearly impossible to talk about coupling drug courts with birth control implants, for male or female. As a consequence, drug addicts clone themselves repeatedly, generation after generation. Given Oregon's horrific experimentation with a Eugenics Board 100 years ago, under the leadership of OSU's Nathan Fasten and the state's most famous woman doctor, Bethania Owens-Adair, it is best we approach that subject very, VERY carefully. The Nazis used the Eugenics pseudo-science to justify their racism.
Bethania Owens-Adair Nathan Fasten
The Oregon Eugenics Board

   Dusty was born addicted to meth and the other 2 boys, along with Dusty, were removed for foster care. It accomplished little. Any one who has raised a meth addicted infant knows the issues involved. Brain development is among the least of the problems and all 3 of the Rislands have had serious developmental issues, say those who've known them. It is only partly with tongue in cheek that their court appearances have been likened to those of movie stars.

Between the three Rislands, they have been charged 50 times in the past 4 years, including prison stints which took each out of circulation for a time. All 3 have been charged anew within the last 5 weeks. This time, it's Tyson, charged with theft, burglary tools, a parole violation, etc.

Peggy Ledbetter Lori Wilson

Ms Ledbetter is from Philomath and has been charged with Theft III which in Oregon usually means shoplifting. She is described as "intellectually disabled due to Mild Mental Retardation" in a court document and lives on "$710 per month in social security" for herself and her children. She had a guardian who was herself charged by Deputy Christopher Dale with diverting Ms Ledbetter's meager funds for her own benefit after a Benton County social worker alerted police:
   "I spoke with Peggy Ledbetter at her apartment at 150 N 8th Street, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon. She told me Lori Wilson is responsible for paying for rent, land-line telephone, and electric bills. I started by going over the list of one-time and recurring charges which were compiled by Mental Health, as well as other recent charges from the bank statements. I ultimately compiled a list of all transactions not related to rent, electricity, or telephone payments, and presented them to Peggy Ledbetter. She then pointed out any that were authorized by her or that benefitted herself or her children. What remained was a list of transactions between 6/11/2009 and 5/28/2013 which totaled $15,918.15 in unauthorized withdrawals/purchases and $1,150.97 in unauthorized deposits for a total loss of $14,767.18.
    Note that of the $15,918.15 in unauthorized withdrawals/purchases:
* $6,351.00 of that is due to checks written to “cash”, cash withdrawals from a branch, cash withdrawals from an ATM, and associated ATM fees,
* $1,795.00 of that is due to Wells Fargo Card phone payments, bill payments, and online transfers to accounts primarily or secondarily owned by Lori Wilson (as determined through a search warrant served upon Wells Fargo),
* $260.00 of that is a check written to pay for cheerleading for Lori Wilson’s daughter, and
* $162.84 of that is due to 16 monthly charges from Netflix including an overdraft fee associated with one such charge.
   On Monday, June 24, 2013, Netflix provided me with information showing that the Netflix account paid for out of Peggy Ledbetter’s account was registered to Holly Womack (Lori Wilson’s teenaged daughter). Netflix further produced IP addresses utilized to access their service. Peak Internet later provided subscriber information for one of these IP addresses,, showing that the Internet service was registered to Lori and Roger Wilson at 23998 Highway 20, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon.
   On Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at about 10:00 AM, Detective Duffitt and I spoke with Lori Wilson at her residence. I told her I needed to speak with her about the management of Peggy Ledbetter’s social security account. Lori Wilson immediately began to explain to me that Peggy Ledbetter is a liar. Lori Wilson said that Peggy Ledbetter is only reporting all of this because she wants money from Lori and Roger Wilson from money they are receiving from timber sales.
   When asked about the $260.00 cheerleading check, Lori Wilson said that she wrote that check by mistake and has already paid Social Security back for that once they contacted her about two weeks ago. Lori Wilson explained that she pays for a lot of purchases for Peggy Ledbetter and Peggy’s children. Lori Wilson said she uses the ATM card that draws upon Peggy Ledbetter’s account to pay for meals for Peggy Ledbetter, and any other purchases Lori Wilson pays for out of her own account. Lori Wilson said she had to “black out” the logo on the ATM card that draws upon Peggy Ledbetter’s account so that she doesn’t mistake that card as her own since everyone in her family also uses Wells Fargo for their banking. This is how she also explained mis-writing the check for cheerleading, as she thought she was writing the check which drew upon her own account. Lori Wilson said she keeps careful track of the purchases on Peggy Ledbetter’s account through online banking.
   When asked about the reoccurring $7.99 monthly Netflix charges, Lori Wilson said she didn’t know anything about those charges. I told Lori Wilson that those charges have been appearing on Peggy Ledbetter’s account statements for about the past year and a half. Lori Wilson said that it was possible that one of her children had obtained access to the ATM card without her knowledge and signed up for Netflix. Lori Wilson asked me how much the total was and after I told her it was around $150.00, Lori Wilson offered to pay back that money. Lori Wilson then admitted that she knew the Netflix was setup in her daughter’s name.
   At about 10:30 AM, I read the Miranda Warning to Lori Wilson. When asked if she understood, she said she did and she said she wanted to speak with a lawyer. I told Lori Wilson she was under arrest and to place her hands behind her back, which she did. After placing her into handcuffs, Lori Wilson started to raise her voice and yell for her husband, who was just inside the residence door from the porch where we were standing. I told Lori Wilson to sit down and we’d ask her husband to bring her shoes. Roger Wilson had gotten on the phone at this point after he threatened legal action and said we were trespassing. Lori Wilson stood back up and tried to walk into her house. I grabbed her arm so that she could not walk away from my custody and she began to yell and scream that I was hurting her. She kept screaming that she needed her shoes, that she needed to go to the bathroom, and that I was hurting her.
   While walking Lori Wilson to my patrol car, she resisted me by becoming dead weight which forced me to stand behind her, holding her up by both arm pits. At one point she tried to actively resist me by leaning forward and tried to pull away from me, after which she again became dead weight and lifted her legs so that I had to stoop forward to keep her from falling flat on her face. During the walk to my patrol car Lori Wilson continually looked toward her husband, protruded her head out toward him, and screamed at him that we were hurting her and to come help her. Once at my patrol car Lori Wilson refused to fully seat herself in the back seat of my patrol car. I had to lift her up and set her there, rotate her legs in, and hold her shoulders back against the seat so I could seatbelt her.'
   You can read the entire affidavit here.
   Otherwise, in Corvallis, Jeremy Edwin Freitag was charged with DUII. He was charged with DUII in 2010 and that means that if he is convicted on this one, he will face unbelievably severe and complicated consequences.
   An 18 year old teen was arrested on theft II charges, her first as an adult in Corvallis.
   Michael Adam Powell was charged with theft (by receiving), meth, etc. Mr. Powell was arrested 4 times in 2011, but has been clean until now. Too bad. He's been making such good progress.

Oct 20

Nicholas Anthony Myers

Mr. Myers is charged with assault again, as well as domestic violence harrassment count, strangulation, etc. Mr. Myers was charged in May for assault, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, etc. If convicted, he really needs to be barred from relationships with others for a time.

Christy Mack

Above: In related news, the suicide note note left by the MMA fighter, War Machine before he tried to kill himself in a jail cell is a sniveling little piece of self pity dismissing his own domestic violence. "Keep alpha male shit alive" he wrote his brother. "society has killed men...'I’m a good person with a huge heart,and everyone who knows me know that, especially Christy,' whose face he broke, teeth he knocked out, and liver ruptured". You can read his little attempt at a mantra here.
   In other related news, NHL Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov has been suspended after his arrest this morning on charges of domestic abuse. "The failure to suspend the Player during this period would create a substantial risk of material harm to the legitimate interests and/or reputation of the League."
   In Corvallis, the second incident resulting in incarcerations was Max Colin Hansen being charged with DUII and trying to elude a police officer. He was charged with trespassing and mischief last August too. Like Mr. Myers, he is a graduate of Corvallis high schools and it's a little unsettling to watch them behaving like they were from Philomath instead.
   Manuel Pinedo (see below) was released after being held a day on attempted theft and trespassing charges. This morning, he was spotted on a bicycle downtown, his head inside someone else's car. A very slow learner, it seems.

Oregon managers of federally subsidized housing say they will maintain policies barring even medical marijuana users from the programs, if pot is legalized.

John Kevin Hunt, attorney for serial murderer Dayton Leroy Rogers, who had a fetish for tying his victims up and torturing them, has been banned from prisons. In one of his visits to Rogers, police found he had a handcuff key on him and consequently searched his home in a contraband investigation. The found "two sets of handcuffs, three handcuff keys, two handguns, two iPhones, marijuana and a 'marijuana pipe.' Police also seized a 'green leafy substance' found in six locations at the Oregon City home". The key, Hunt said, was "to a set of leg restraints attached to headboard of his bed". Rogers was found guilty of killing 7 hookers from the Portland area.
   In related news, a Gary, Indiana man arrested in the death of a woman at a Motel 6 confessed then told police he "might know where several other female victims of possible homicide were located." A convicted sex offender from Texas, he led them to the bodies of 6 other women.
   The man's brother issued a statement: "To the victims, I'm sorry for their loss, I'm a father of two daughters myself. This comes as a shock to us and our household. I just wish all the best. This is a painful moment for us too. I just wish (them) all the best and I'm sorry for their loss. I just wanted to say something, man, they deserve at least that."
   The "sponsored ad" which an ad search engine deemed relevant to the story was for Motel 6, which triggered an avalanche of comments, ranging from "I'm normally pretty lenient toward sponsored content, but this ad for Motel 6 is way over the top" to
"Motel 6 - 'Come for the complimentary shampoo and shower caps, stay because you've been murdered.' Not the most effective ad campaign I've ever seen" and "Police haven't charged him because
A) It was a Motel 6, there is a good chance there was a dead hooker in the room before the man checked in
B) It's Gary Indiana, just about anyone can find three dead bodies in a six mile radius"

Oct 19

Manuel Joel Pinedo
It is as rare to find a perennial Hispanic American thief as it is to find an Asian American one. There may be occasions where someone is blottoed and shoplifts unintentionally or even callously, but otherwise, there are few, among them the Pinedos, a source of shame for the Hispanic community. Josephine Eileen and Manuel Joel Pinedo, from Philomath, have been charged 28 times in 4 years. This time, Manuel Joel has been charged with trespass and attempted theft.
   Otherwise, Gina Renee Newport has been charged with post-prison absconding on a meth charge. Friends say that just 2 years ago, Ms Newport was considered beautiful and now looks like a walkon in a rehearsal for the Walking Dead.

In Gresham, one man was shot and in Portland, shots were reported but no victim found. Beyond these 2 reports, the state was relatively quiet.

   Elsewhere, the 24th Keene annual Pumpkin Festival in New Hampshire degenerated into a violent riot. Cars were overturned and fires set. 30 are reported injured.

Oct 18
Michael Gary Simmer Richard Allen Sather

It was a slow night. Police say a pair who have recently appeared in this column have been charged again. Mr. Sather has been charged 10 times in a little more than a year. Mr. Simmer has been charged 6 times in almost 2 years. The difference between them is Night and Day. Mr. Simmer has been charged with only drugs, no property or personal crimes during that period. This time, it's meth again, police say.
   Mr. Sather has also a meth history but in addition has been charged with a variety of property crimes. This time, he's charged, police say, with a post prison violation on an ID Theft charge.
 Criminalizing the two men equally is probably a little self-defeating. One might be viewed as an addict, harming himself mostly. The other has been a predator who has lived by stealing from others.


Mothers Rally for Pot Legalization, Regulation

A group of Oregon mothers and children held a press conference supporting the legalization and regulation of marijuana. "Right now marijuana is sold on streets, at parks, outside schools, under the bleachers at games. It's completely unregulated" said Leah Maurer. Further, she pointed out that 40% of the state tax revenue would be devoted to schools.
   A Spokane City Councilwoman and her lawyer husband say they owns a pot farm and finds it little different from owning a winery.

An overdose death of a woman in Otis, Oregon, at the Coast, has led to manslaughter charges as well as heroin and meth charges against Dan Chambers.

A stray bullet came through the wall of an apartment and hit a little girl in Gresham. She survives.

In Pennsylvania, a retiring Supreme Court judge listed 234 porn emails mailed out to court employees by another Justice, who sounds suspiciously like Clarence Thomas of the US Supreme Court.

The family of a 17 year old North Carolina African American football player who was found hanged are questioning whether he did committed suicide, as authorities say. 'Police ruled that [Lennon] Lacy committed suicide. His family, however, said that his body showed signs of a beating. There were multiple incongruous details, including the fact that his brand new size 12 sneakers had been removed from his feet and replaced with an old pair that were a size and a half too small. The undertaker who handled Lacy’s body corroborated Claudia Lacy’s report that her son’s body showed signs of a fight. Undertaker F W Newton, Jr. said that while police and the coroner claimed the marks on Lacy’s body came from “ant bites,” to him Lacy’s body looked more like the corpses of people he embalmed who had died violently in bar brawls.' Furthermore, Lacy had been implicated as the victim in "an amorous relationship" with a 31 year old Euro-American.

Oct. 17

Brandon Ernest Richter

Mr. Richter, of Philomath, was charged with domestic violence assault, strangulation, etc.
   A 30 year old woman arrested tonight seems to have had a little bit of a short fuse, if the police are correct that she tried to assault them after being cited for offensive littering - which in Corvallis is often a cigarette butte or beer bottle. She also gave police a phony name, they say, and was trespassing.  
   Arrested alongside her for the first time in recent past was a 40 year old man, also for offensive littering and trespass.
   Otherwise, Christopher Lee Nelson was arrested for not showing up on various charges, which we reported on last week.
   24 year old Ronald Brian Robertson was arrested for not showing up on a DUII charge.

Anthony Michael Calvery

Mr. Calvery is another gift from Albany and was charged with theft, trespass, burglary tools, meth, etc. He was caught a year ago stealing from an Adair vehicle and was held at gunpoint until police arrived. He has been arrested in Corvallis and Albany as well.
   Michael Felix Sandoval, often featured here since he's been charged on nuisance crimes 24 times in the past 4 years (this time it was trespassing and theft III, which in Corvallis usually means shoplifting.).
   Damon selves, featured earlier for meth in this column, pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide and was sentenced to 6+ years in prison. The meth charge was dropped as part of the plea negotiations.

Elsewhere in Oregon, a 6 month old baby was left in a car at Intel in Hillsboro while her father worked. At the end of 6 hours he called for help. The infant died.

A Coos County woman, Vana Gaye Boren, has been charged with murder by abuse in the death of her 87 year old mother.

2 Oregon City schools were put into lockdown after Tristen Lane Jordan was found with a rifle at the home of his estranged wife, who had a restraining order against him. The SWAT team was called and he was arrested.

An Austrian man police there say stabbed his mother in the neck 30 times has been arrested near a Portland hostel.

Police say they still have no answers on the way a man found naked and unconscious near the Burnside Bridge in Portland died.

A Eugene branch of the Umpqua Bank, linked by many to sketchy forestry operations, and a Salem branch of Wells Fargo, linked to the "private prison hellholes" and numerous equally sketchy operations, were robbed by the same man, an Oregon spokesperson for the FBI says. Do you care? REALLY?!

Chandler Kreuger, aka Niki Minaj

When a Pacific Northwest high school asked students to dress up as their favorite TV personalities, "Chandler Krueger and Mason Mudge did what they were told and showed up as their favorite celebs - two women". You'd have thought the two committed a crime, as the principal gave them a choice of changing their clothes or going home. The 2 left. As a consequence, other students began cross dressing too. “I think it’s really awesome that all the kids support me and support the decisions that I made. “I walked into school this morning and everyone was dressed in pink and all that.”

Body of Pacific Northwest Actress Misty Upham Found

Above: Misty Upham, the missing Pacific Northwest Native American actress of Django Unchained fame, has been found dead. He family says she didn't, as initially reported, commit suicide by jumping off a cliff, but fell, likely.

A Chicago pair of thieves who migrated from PDX to Sea-Tac has been charged with stealing $45,000 in luggage.

Krista Bosely, Orange County Playboy Wannabee, Tatoo Enthusiast, Accused Major Drug Dealer

A Pacific Northwest realtor who is a tattoo enthusiast and aspiring Playboy model was arrested with $40,000 in cash and 30,000 Ecstasy pills on an airplane she and Giles LaPointe ferried into Orange County's John Wayne Airport, police say.

"War Machine"

Above: "War Machine" the ex-MMA fighter, tried to hang himself in jail but the attempted suicide was interrupted by a watchful guard. He is in jail for the vicious beating of his porn star girlfriend.

"A women's soccer coach at a Connecticut high school sent a 10-second Snapchat masturbation video to some of his players", police say. He says it was intended for a girlfriend.

In crime news abroad, the religious extremists of Nigeria's Boko Haram have agreed to a ceasefire and negotiations on the release of kidnapped schoolgirls.

The Reconstructed Face of the Heavily Tattooed Ice Maiden of Siberia

Russian scientists have determined that the 2,400 mummy of a young woman nicknamed "the Ice Maiden" died of breast cancer and that she had been self-medicating with marijuana.

Oct 16

Jacqie Annette Taylor
Ms Taylor has been charged 9 times in the past 1+ years. This time it is a drug traffic court violation and previous occasions have all been about drug offenses of one sort or the other. She has no charges against her in that period for anything else. We have simply criminalized an addiction, and in the process we have not helped Ms Taylor whatsoever. Or ourselves. This War on Drugs appears to be just another expensive war flop.
Kyaisha Nicole Alexander

Ms Alexander has been charged 4 times in the past month, each time on some sort of drug violation. Expensive war flop #2.

Brandon West Crichton

Mr. West has been charged 8 times in 3 years. The first charge was for meth as well as a sawed off shotgun. He may be a hero to the "open carry" handful, but about the last thing most of us want to see is an accused meth addict running around with a sawed off shotgun. Nonetheless, he has not been charged here with property or personal crimes of any sort, at least in recent years. Strictly drugs. And that shotgun. He is from Lincoln County.
   In related news, a UO economist today presented statistics on states where marijuana has been legalized. Traffic fatalities, suicides DUIIs all fell and there was no increase - in fact, a small decease - in children using pot occurred, he said. Drinking and beer sales fell.

Isaiah Manriquez Montano

Mr. Montoya has been charged with domestic violence assault, strangulation, burglary, etc. He is 18, and may be simply too immature for ANY relationships. Hopefully, the judge takes that into consideration if Mr. Montano is convicted, and forbids him to have a relationship for, say, 10 years. In exchange, he can be paroled this side of 50 years, which is better than deserved, if convicted. Since Mr. Montoya is listed as being arrested by OSP at OSU, he may be the unnamed person reported in the Barometer as having "forcefully entered a neighbor’s room and attacked his roommate who was present in the room. Witness reports included in the logs suggest that the argument appeared to be over some missing prescription medication".
   Cynthia Rene Yarbour of Siletz has been charged with not showing up on charges of a car prowl and robbery in the 3rd degree (in Oregon, that's wrestling stolen property from someone).

Elsewhere in Oregon, the last of 4 men who were implicated in a $435 robbery of a bookstore, staging it to look like it was not the inside job it was, has been sentenced to 3 years probation.

Teddy Stihvatis, suspected of stabbing his aunt to death last Friday, is the man who robbed a Canby bank on Monday, the FBI says.

The latest UO study of sex abuse on campus there shows that women in sororities experience sex abuse and rape at about twice the rate as other women students.

A trio from California who racked up $15,000 in bills from chain stores in Oregon has been arrested. The 3 were using credit cards which had their own names but credit information of others embedded in them.

Rachel Lee

Above: In the ongoing religious crime wave, Rachel Lee, who operated psychic shops across Oregon pleaded guilty to trying to steal millions from an old man who was heir to a timber fortune.
   In other religious crime news, Joseph Lawendowski, the head of a Christian "end times" religious group, CEO of a porn chain, and commander of the Alaska National Guard, has been recommended for an "other than honorable" discharge after military chaplains reported he permitted three recruiters referred to as "the 3 Headed Monster" to rape recruits, and was implicated in a wide array of drug and gun running operations. Head chaplain Rick Koch had complained that "We are now putting criminals in our senior positions,"

In worldwide addiction news, Richard Mileski, the owner of a "wildlife park" with a camel, neglected to furnish the camel with his daily Coca Cola. The enraged camel bit him, kicked him to the ground and then sat on him, asphyxiating Mileski to death.

Kelly Johana Suárez Moya

Above: In Colombia, Kelly Johana Suárez Moya, the former Ms Cartagena has been indicted for sex trafficking in kids recruited from her own former slum.

See archives here.

Note: Everyone should be assumed innocent until convicted. There are several sleazy websites across the country posting mugshots, utilizing photos owned by the public, in the public domain, all run by Portlander Kyle Ritter, which will remove your mugshot for $39 or such from their sites. This is not one of them. Do not send in cash trying to have a mugshot removed. It would just be a waste of your time and your money. Instead, put your time into turning your life around. And your money into your kids.

  OF 2014
Oct 20

The family of James Foley, a journalist beheaded by ISIL religious extremists, is demanding an apology from Republicans who have been using his murder. "It makes me very sad that people would use the brutality of our son's death for their own political purposes", says Foley's mother.

Oct 19
There has been a great deal of attention - entirely justified - on the willingness of Cylvia Hayes - the partner of the governor, to cut corners over the years. That criticism has included the use of her lobbying business to trade on her contacts with the governor. Now comes news that the wife of the governor's Republican opponent, Cathy Richardson, has gone so far as to have herself put on the public payroll as the Richardson's "legislative assistant". He's not alone in doing that either. About 25% of the Republican House in Salem have done the same, despite Oregon law forbidding it. They've gotten around the law by specifically exempting themselves.

Oct 18
Betsy Close has been censured by the leader of her own Party in the state Senate for bashing Sara Gelser over a round-table agreement to raise tobacco taxes, eliminate a tax reduction for medical expenses among seniors and lower COLA raises for public employees while reducing taxes for small businesses and lower income workers, while raising more money for schools, the mentally ill, and seniors.
   "At that time, we acknowledged that political attacks undermine the ability of lawmakers to rise above partisanship and seek common ground for the good of Oregon,” Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli of John Day said in a statement Friday. "To the end, I signed a joint agreement … not to use the ‘yes’ vote elimination of the senior medical tax deduction in campaign materials directed at any of us or any other senator, representative or candidate for such office.".
   Close is the only Republican candidate to violate the agreement, although to be honest she may not have understood the complexities of the pact. She is widely regarded as the dumbest person in the legislature.

Oct 14
Beau Breedlove, the intern who as a minor was the object of former Portland Mayor Sam Adams' attention, has closed his French restaurant Vie after 2 years.

Oct 13
'Gov. John Kitzhaber has asked the Oregon Government Ethics Commission to issue a formal opinion on Cylvia Hayes' private consulting work and how it affects her role as first lady.'
   In related news, Hayes admitted she and a former boyfriend bought land in 1997 in Washington to grow pot, a plan which she says never materialized. They were "before their time" -  pot grows only became legal in Washington this year.

Oct 11
One of 2 documented instances of a gay Republican - House candidate Carl DeMaio of San Diego is in trouble again after another staffer has complained that DeMaio was "openly masturbating in front of him, grabbing at his genitals and drunkenly attempting to kiss him."

Oct 10
Bill Post, the Republican candidate for the legislature for House District 25 is also the state's leading homophobe. His twitter entry on Tina Kotek, lesbian Speaker of the House was scandalous: "Tina Kotek: wear a dress we want proof.". He has called Kotek "an embarrassment to the state" but in reality Post is the greatest embarrassment to Oregon one could find, even more so than Betsy Close, although he is not generally regarded as stupid - as she is. Just a vicious bigot. But show us your brain, Post. We want proof.

'Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber said Friday he was surprised and hurt to learn this week that his fiancee accepted money to enter a fraudulent marriage with an immigrant seeking to remain in the country.“I learned this three days ago,” Kitzhaber said at the City Club of Portland. “I was obviously very taken aback by it and hurt. I have some processing to do on that.”

Democratic Paul Evans, a major who organized Iraqi soldiers to write a collaborative - and leterarilly awful - novel together while serving in Iraq - is being criticized by the Critian extremist Oregon Family Council because the book dealt with vampires and had explicit sex scenes. Evans today fired back:
"In a campaign defined by desperation, this is a desperate new low. Kathy Goss can ¹ t talk about the issues, because she ¹ s shown that she ¹ s completely out of touch with the voters of this district. Her views are so extreme that she can ¹ t even debate the issues in public. This latest stunt from the Goss campaign is a complete distraction. I ¹ ll continue to focus on talking to the voters of HD20 about investing in our local classrooms and building an economy that works for women and working families. I understand Kathy ¹ s campaig n is desperate because of the public ¹ s reaction to her repeated incredibly extreme statements. But this is really pathetic, and is exactly why people hate politics. If Kathy and her backers want to talk about this, and opposing the minimum wage, and suggesting that President Obama would support imposing Sharia law in America, I guess that¹s her choice. But voters deserve better. The book was basically a group writing project for some of the troops I was leading as a way of keeping them distracted in between mortar attacks. These were young men and women stationed in Iraq in the middle of a war zone, putting their lives on the line for their country. We needed a way to keep their minds occupied between attacks, and several of them wanted to try writing a book. By the way, the goal was always to donate the proceeds‹if there were any‹to the USO. It's not a surprise to see these kinds of campaign tactics from an extreme right-wing group like Oregon Family Council, but let's be clear, this is par for the course from the entire Goss campaign. These are the kinds of tactics that we've seen all along, and unfortunately we can probably expect them to continue. Major Paul L. Evans USAF"
Oct 9

Cylvia Hayes, partner and Fiancée of Governor Kitzhaber

Governor Kitzhaber was gob-smacked by his fiancée today when she confided in him that she'd married an immigrant illegally for money 7 years before she and Kitzhaber were involved. She'd never told him about it over the course their 10 year relationship. He learned shortly before the public did as a result of the newsweekly, Willamette Week, peering into an old record detailing a hazy 3rd marriage. The statute of limitations on the crime expired more than 10 years ago but the Ethiopian who paid her $5000 for the marriage may be deported.

Republican candidate Betsy Close, often referred to as "the dumbest person in the state legislature" has "declined" to appear at forums of the Associated Students of Oregon State University. For obvious reasons.

Measure 90 has more funds from the lsleazebags backing the "top two" measure, this one from the Enron fraud fame, John Arnold, a Texas billionaire who already had donated $500,000.00. That's a day after Pepsico and Kraft put money into fighting the GM label campaign, since their "high fructose corn syrup" - already tagged as bearing responsibility for mush of the world's obesity problem - would be further marked.

Oct 8
"Handsome Joe" Biden is in Portland to help Jeff Merkley, who is doing nicely on his own, by all accounts, but who could resist an offer from the vice-President? Certainly not Jeff Merkley and Portland, where Biden spent his day.

Oct 6
Never mind that Sara Gelser's opponent for the state Senate Betsy Close, widely reputed to be the most stupid person in the legislature, appeared at every Republican Party function. She knows the brand is in trouble, and she's been handing out brochures that advertise her - falsely - as "non-partisan". It's curious how right wing religious extremists - and Close, specifically - have such trouble with a basic moral concept as dishonesty. They make it seem as though the last place you'll want to go for ethical counseling has become, unfortunately, a church.

Oct 4

Sara Gelser Appears at Forum with Betsy Close

The candidates for state legislature appeared last night at a forum and no surprises arose.
   Sara Gelser's opponent for the state Senate, Betsy Close, appeared as obtuse as she was reputed to be, say several attendees. When she was chosen to replace a resigning Frank Morse, the Corvallis Advocate howled in protest, because she is a religious extremist, and she is widely considered one of the most stupid people in the state, certainly the most stupid in the state legislature. The Advocate was of the opinion that Democrats on the County Commission chose her because she was easily beatable. She in fact shouldould not be entrusted with the position of dogcatcher.
    She didn't change that opinion in the minds of those attending. Further, she proved to be dishonest - according to the testimony of former Corvallis resident Koral Thiel - with Close telling the crowds that she'd come to the position of opposing the right of women to terminate pregnancies "after talking to women who had obtained abortions through a family planning agency where she worked after college".
   In reality, Kiel revealed Close to be a religious extremist, opposed not only to women having choices, but even to arguing that Ms Thiell could not possibly leave her husband, whom she testified Close knew was abusive, because her husband had neither deserted her nor had an affair. Abuse was not a basis for leaving a marriage, Close told her, according to Thiell.
   Close also waffled on climate change, as she has in letters to constituents, opposing the view of scientists that global warming is human caused, "suggesting that the jury is still out" more than a decade after Arnold Schwarzenegger told his Republican colleagues that "the debate is over", that climate change was real and human caused and if not addressed we'd face droughts, like those in California.
   Gelser, on the other hand, affirmed the view of scientists that global warming "is happening" and is "human caused". That of course flies in the face of the notorious Koch brothers, who have funded anti-science candidates like Close around the country because it threatens their profits from coal and fossil fuels. Gelser is also pro-choice, she said.
    The irony is that the gazette ran its own review of the forum the same day it ran a column about "Ways to act personally to address climate change" by the newspaper's columnist Maureen Beezhold.
   On the other hand, the shoe-in for the House race, Democrat Dan Rayfield seemed eminently qualified for the House seat he seems certain to win. His Republican opponent was basically "me too" except on the issue of raising minimum wage, which Republicans in general oppose on a set of principles belied by Seattle's experience. The claims of Republican Jacob VanDever, that raising the minimum wage would slow down hiring, is not born out by the facts. Seattle's unemployment rate is actually only 4.3%, only 78% of Benton County's rate, one of the lowest in the state of Oregon:

Dany Rayfield accurately said "As a small business owner, I can tell you it won't hurt hiring."
   He is correct, if the Seattle model holds true. What HAS happened is a small rise in prices, of as much as 8% in the food industry, which has been more than compensated by the increase in the number of families who can afford to "eat out".
    His Republican opponent Vandever prefers to push "family wage jobs", ignoring that the reason much of the economy is not "family wage jobs" is because Republicans have opposed the rise in wages which would make them so. The factory jobs long ago left, and as Apple's Steve Jobs pointed out before his death, they are not coming back, so long as US workers are not willing to work for free. Which is the Republican platform, in essence.
    But Republicans are not great at science. They prefer myths, myths taught them at the knees of the Koch brothers, who are opposed to having ANY minimum wage. Close is herself of that opinion for child labor.

Oct 3

Above: Milwaukie, Oregon council candidate Scott Barbur is in hot water for his posting on Facebook 4 years ago of a drunk driver who had fallen asleep and killed 1 bicyclist, injuring 10 others along with Barbur's "My Way - Get the f*ck out of it!" line for bicyclists.

Republican candidate Monica Wheby as more troubles has the popular news site Buzzfeed is reporting more plagiarism in her campaign literature.

The Colorado Republican school board members who triggered a walkout by students and teachers when they adopted a Texas curriculum on AP History that emphasizes US "exceptional qualities and great achievements" instead of "denigrating them", asserted today that for example the US ended slavery "voluntarily".

"Vain Princess" Chai Leung

The daughter of Hong Kong CEO poisoned the well for conversations between protestors and the Chinese government with a post yesterday on Facebook. Leung's removal had been one of the demands of the demonstrators until a truce yesterday promised talks cancelled aft - say the demonstrators - triad (organized) members attacked them last night. "Vain Princess Cai Leung" posted:
"The necklace on my profile pic is not a dog collar, silly!!! This is actually a beautiful necklace bought at Lane Crawford (yes - funded by all you HK taxpayers!! So are all my beautiful shoes and dresses and clutches!! Thank you so much!!!!)...Actually maybe I shouldn't say 'all you'- since most of you here are probably unemployed hence all this time obsessed with bombarding me with messages... It's ok, your mother still loves you".
   Of course, the question arises as to the character of a man who would raise such a self-entitled lout.

Oct 2
We’re in the midst of “40 Days for Life,” when protesters gather outside Planned Parenthood health centers across the state to intimidate and harass patients. In response, Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon has launched “40 Days for Women’s Health” to educate voters about which candidates believe in protecting the lifesaving, professional, nonjudgmental, accessible and affordable health services that Oregon women and families rely on.
This is how they’re spending these 40 days:
   Intimidating the many patients who seek basic health care services from Planned Parenthood, including lifesaving cancer screenings, testing for HIV, treatment for STIs and birth control.
    This is how we’re spending these 40 days:
   Making endorsements of candidates and ballot measures that will protect women’s health. (Click here to view the full list, and stay tuned for details about our Mobile Voter Guide.) In 2012, we were successful in 100% of our targeted races!
   Talking to voters to empower them with information they need before Election Day. In 2012, our volunteers helped us make nearly 175,000 dials across the state!
    Sending direct mail to make sure voters are up to speed about attacks on women’s health throughout Oregon. In 2012, our PAC reached nearly 300,000 pro-women’s health voters from Gresham and Hillsboro to Springfield and Coos Bay!
    Writing letters to the editor to let newspaper readers know what’s at stake in this year’s election. Check out this great letter about Oregon House candidate Craig Wilhelm that just ran in The Bend Bulletin!
   Building future leaders for the women’s health movement. This year we expanded our Leadership & Advocacy Teams to 10 counties: Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Marion-Polk, Linn-Benton, Lane, Jackson and Deschutes. Senator Ron Wyden joined us last month for our statewide training in Corvallis!
Laura Terrill Patten
Executive Director
Planned Parenthood Oregon

The attempt to recall Mayor Charlie Hales of Portland, along with Commissioner Steve Novick has been called off . The petitioner says the effort was successful in drawing attention to the "undue influence of developers" in the Mayor's office, among other issues.

The Republican candidate for Senate, the "candidate from hell" Monica Wehby, is blaming the Republican label rather than her own vengeful personality, as reported in the press, for her lackluster performance in the polls. She is claiming she "won't be beholden to the Republican Party", as she tries to call in as many Republican stalwarts as possible to try to :rescue" her.

Xinhua, the official language press of the Chinese government today addressed the Occupy movement in Hong Kong, reminding readers of the the government's introduction of universal suffrage in Hong Kong, but calling Occupy a "confrontation" rather than dialog, which the government says they are now offering.

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Site Dedicated to the Memory of Eric McKinley, d. Iraq, 2002
Eric McKinley was our local connoisseur of ska music and cafe denizen whose unit was activated and sent to Iraq by George Bush to patrol with inadequately armored vehicles. When Congressional funds for armoring the vehicles were diverted by the notorious Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska (later tried on corruption charges), Eric's unit was reduced to using plywood to give their vehicles some additional protection. When an insurgent's IED hit Eric's vehicle, his horrified teammates were forced to watch as the heat of the burning plywood began exploding the grenades strapped to Eric's body. Eric, you are not forgotten and will live forever in our hearts.
 Photo Credits here

"We need a hammier version of Dark Souls" - as the artists in video games become more expert, the art is taking on a life of its own.

Oct 20
The makers of Surgeon Simulator, which challenged gamers to control a surgeons hands, are back with another unorthodox game, "I Am Bread", where users try to guide a slice of bread: "The beautiful story of one slice of bread's epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted, is the firm's intro."

'Fappening' Threats Give Way to Extortion
The usual juvenile exulting over releasing nude photos of some one else from the Cloud gave way, in the case of Madision Louch, to a demand for money. She called the police, who set up a sting and arrested the woman who showed up for the cash. Jamie Munoz, the woman arrested, told police she knew it was an extortion racket, but one designed for a mysterious "Nicholas Douglas" in Vancouver.

'No matter how you configure Yosemite, Apple is listening.

Oct 18

Above: 'Not so long ago, Robin Hunicke played an instrumental role in making soothing, soulful PlayStation 3 hit Journey. Now she's heading up a new team and picking up where she left off: Luna is a game with no killing or amassing power, just human connection and learning from mistakes. Hunicke and her new company, Funomena—composed of other thatgamecompany vets and folks from studios like League of Legends creator Riot, Walking Dead dev Telltale, and Katamari Damacy mastermind Keita Takahashi (who is heading up a different project of his own)—are working on multiple games, one of which is Luna. '

Oct 17

Above: The latest instance of murderous selfies is from the Philippines, when 17 year old Cheska Agas 'and several friends went to the beach in the town of Bangui, where they staged a group selfie near the town’s famous wind farm.. The second-year students were struck by overpowering waves that carried them off. Agas drowned.

Poor security in smart power meters allow them to be easily hacked to lower power bills.

Nintendo has disabled Wii devices of those who refuse to agree to a new EULA agreement.

Games developer Briannu Wu says "every women I know in the industry is scared" after someone posted her name to misogynist gaming forums ("#Gamergate) as a "feminist". When the ensuing and increasingly violent threats started coming, she didn't panic until she received "I’ve got a K-bar and I’m coming to your house so I can shove it up your ugly feminist c*nt.". She and her husband fled.

Shenzhen Apec Electronics has begun offering an Intel pc truly the size of a thumb drive on Alibaba in units of 500, eacj at $1-70 per unit. ' The micro machine is available with a choice of quad-core Atom Z3735F or Z3735G processors from the Bay Trail generation. Both chips are clocked at 1.33GHz with a 1.83GHz burst frequency. The "F" is limited to 1GB of RAM at 5.3GB/s, while the "G" can address 2GB of memory at 10.6GB/s.'

A teen then not old enough to drink who was hit with 150 charges related to planning booze filled parties for high schoolers epitomizes the weaknesses of startups. WunWun is now promising 1 hour delivery of booze.

'Hackers are now abusing Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) – part of the UPnP protocol standard – to target home and office devices, [Akamai] researchers warned. SSDP is a network protocol based on the Internet Protocol Suite that comes enabled on millions of networked devices, such as computers, printers, Internet gateways, Router / Wi-Fi access points, mobile devices, webcams, smart TVs and gaming consoles, to discover each other and automatically establish working configurations that enable data sharing, media streaming, media playback control and other services.

'Terror in Resonance, the latest from the acclaimed director of Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy, had one of the strongest starts of any anime of the summer season. Sadly, it is an anime that completely falls apart into a contrived mess halfway through.'

Oct 16

Above: Nohonmatsu's traditional Shinto festival often features anime characters on floats which revelers carry and smash into one another.

Motionloft's CEO pleaded guilty to wire fraud after he took startup investment funds and instead blew it on himself for vacations "and other entertainment".

A Massachusetts City Council told Comcast they were not welcome in the city after the Time Warner merger.

40% of the leaders in the tech industry think it's all just a "bubble". They list Twitter and Uber as the most over-valued companies.

A court has ruled that parents are responsible for what kids post on Facebook.

Other cities may be rolling over for Airbnb but not NYC, where the attorney general is pursuing 72% of the illegal rentals which he said have had a destructive impact on the city.

A new report shows that "Whisper" the anonymous app is anything BUT - the app has been tracking users in a fashion which would make the NSA or Google jealous.

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Oct 20
Monsanto has shipped another $2.5 million in cash to suppress labeling of GM "Frankenfoods") in Oregon. That makes $4 million for Monsanto alone.

2,500 farmers along the Snake River have been told they will need to shut down their irrigation systems, raising for hundreds of millions in crops, if they can't reach agreement with the senior water rights holder for the aquifer, a privately owned trout farm dating to 1925.

Oregon is ranked #26 in the country and received a final grade of C in the 2014 Women’s Health Report Card released today by Oregon Action and The Main Street Alliance of Oregon.' You can read the report here.

Wind Turbines go Airborn

Above: 'An enormous helium-filled wind turbine will soon float over the city of Fairbanks, Alaska to produce enough electricity for more than a dozen families living off the grid. Designed and built by MIT startup Altaeros Energies, the turbine known as BAT-Buoyant Airborne Turbine will hover at an altitude of 1,000 feet for 18 months, catching air currents that are five to eight times more powerful than winds on the ground.'

Oct 19
Canada will start shipping an experimental Ebola vaccine on Monday.

Placoderms, an ancient armored fish known to live off the coast of Scotland and maybe elsewhere, are believed to be the origin of paired limbs, jaws and teeth found in humans, but the fish is now documented as having been the first to introduce organs for transferring sperm from male to female - in other words, they invented heterosexual sex.

Barrow, Alaska, the most northerly point in the US, has warmed 10 degrees due to sea ice loss.

Oct 17
 A new computer modeling algorithm aimed at controlling the Ebola epidemic has, after trying several interventionist methods, come to the conclusion that the outbreak in Africa cannot be controlled.
   Nonetheless, WHO says no case of Ebola in Senegal has emerged in 42 days, twice the normal incubation period and the country is declared "ebola-free".

Haida people are describing as their "worst fear scenario" a powerless, fully laden Russian oil tanker drifting helplessly off the coast of Washington.

In Seoul, concert goers who braved the performance of one of the world's worst "girl bands", 4Minute, had the additional tragedy of a ventilation grate collapsing, killing 16.

Oct 15

Nina Pham

Above: The Texas hospital which has lifted uber-incompetence to a new level is now saying that 76 hospital workers came into contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, like nurse Nina Pham, the latest ebola victim there.
   UPDATE: The Associated Press is reporting that a 2nd nurse exposed to took a plane from Cleveland to Dallas after her exposure to ebola. That 2nd nurse has now tested positive for ebola and exposed 132 passengers to the virus. The Dallas News is now reporting that nurses wore no protective clothing for 2 days until lab results were back confirming ebola in the original case.
   In related news, a child who threw up twice on a trip from Africa was examined at PDX and declared not to have ebola but junk-food-itus.

Biologists studying NYC's rats have detected 18 new viruses among them.

Warner Brothers says they are making more Harry Potter films, maybe lots of them.

Lockheed says they expect to be building a fusion reactor within 5 years, and that they've made a breakthrough on the power source. Maybe. No one trusts US corporations not to have some deadly toxic source buried inside their devices, but fusion has been the Holy Grail of the nuclear industry. And of the public.

Oct 14
Australian scientists released a report showing that sea levels have risen faster in the past century than in 6000 years.

The family of a small child in Lincoln County killed by e. coli believed to have come from the droppings of the family's pet goat have returned home. The family wants some certainty about the source of the infection, unavailable thus far.

Oct 13
ALERT! Pumpkin seed pesto from Willams Sonoma is being recalled due to a deadly botulism threat.

OSU Marine Scientists Sa Lionfish Spread is "Amazingly Destructive"

Above: An OSU report on the invasion of lionfish in the eastern US is alarming. Unlike other predators, they say, the lionfish stay in a spot until a species is completely wiped out. In the absence of rational controls on importing invasive fish and animals as "pets",  lionfish were released in Florida in the early 1980s and have now spread throughout the southeast and on to other countries, even those with the foresight to ban invasive species.

A leaked EU report shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, alternative energy prices are dirt cheap compared to fossil fuel sources, especially when health costs are factored in. You can read the report here.

In case - just in case - the ebola panic seems removed from you, consider that chocolate prices are beginning to soar as fear of the shortage of labor in the world's richest chocolate region takes hold.

OSU's Forestry and Agriculture departments' professors, with a single exception, carried admirably on with the university's tradition of following wherever Monsanto chooses to lead them, in this case against the labeling initiative at the City Club. The OSU mascot Benny Beaver should have a ring through his nose, to be led about by any major corporation. Any time someone wants to hide from people what's in their food, we have a fundamental dishonesty at work. That's indicative. It's a throwback to an era when corporations hid chemical dyes, for example, from the public in the food being sold. And OSU was in the forefront, pioneering the carcinogen red dyes used.

A new poll from the Portland Business Journal shows that if auto price were not a factor, 45% of Oregonians would opt for electric vehicles. Gasoline engines were preferred by 22%.

Republicans may pretend to be skeptics of global warming because the profits of their Koch brothers bosses depend upon fossil fuels, but the Pentagon ha s no doubts and today released a report on their plans to address the issue.

For a year, tanker rail cars leaked a highly flammable liquid into Seattle's stormwater system which - under the right conditions - could have ignited and left the city in cinders.

The director of the NIH said today that they'd have had an ebola vaccine long before now except for Republican funding cuts over the past 10 years, and even now, Republicans are stalling 2 new bills introduced by Democrats to increase funding in the crisis and speed the process.
   In related news, Nancy Snyderman, one of the 29 people of the NBC news crew who were quarantined after one of their members contracted ebola, secretly slipped out to visit a packed New Jersey restaurant, TMZ has reported.

Swedish and Italian scientists who set up a device claiming to yield cold fusion - the Holy Grail of energy buffs - embarrassingly had to admit the device seems to do so, with no explanation possible at the present.

The impact of small amounts of estrogen - in the form of birth control pills - can decimate fish populations and Canadian scientists are calling for altering the treatment of waste since fresh water fish populations were nearly wiped out. ' Researchers started introducing small amounts of estrogen into an Ontario freshwater lake research facility in 2001, Kidd said.
   "Right away, the male fish started to respond to the estrogen exposure by producing egg yolk proteins and shortly after that they started to develop eggs," she said in an interview from Saint John, N.B. "They were being feminized." Kidd said shortly after introducing the estrogen, the number of fathead minnow crashed, reducing numbers to just one per cent of the population.
   "It was really unexpected that they would react so quickly and so dramatically," she said. "The crash in the population was very evident and very dramatic and very rapid and related directly to the estrogen addition." Kidd said that created a domino effect, causing the population of lake trout, the fathead minnow's main predator, to decline. She said the number of insects, the fathead minnow's main source of food, also started to increase.'

In England, 'a new study, published today in the journal PLOS One, tracked the price of 94 key food and beverage items from 2002 to 2012. Its findings show that more healthy foods were consistently more expensive than less healthy foods, and have risen more sharply in price over time.'

Oct 12
The Coast Guard is predicting "sneaker waves" of as high as 18 feet at the Coast today, with the under water component as deep as 100 feet.

Rock Climbers are converging on Smith Rock this weekend for the Cragging Classic.

The CDC has said that the infection and hospitalization of a health care worker in Texas, where the worker had attended the first ebola patient in the US, can only have arisen because the Texas worker did not understand the necessary protocol. Texans need extra care in learning environments.

Oct 11
French researchers have shown that a "gut microbe" produces a human hormone mimic that affects feeling of satisfaction, energy use, and mood. The severity of eating disorder symptoms - bulemia and anorexia - is positively correlated with immune reaction to the mimic.

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    Our Election 
The Voters' pamphlet is here.
State Referendums:
Measure 86 - Yes
Measure 87 - Yes
Measure 88 - Yes
Measure 89 - Yes
Measure 90 - No
Measure 91 - Yes
Measure 92 - Yes
If you're having trouble remembering the recommendations, "All But 90" but only for STATE referendums (see below).

Candidates for State Offices
US Senator - Jeff Merkley
US Congress - Peter DeFazio
Governor - John Kitzhaber
Secretary of State - Kate Brown
Treasurer - Kate Wheeler
Attorney General - Ellen Rosenblum
Labor Commissioner - Brad Avakian
State Senator - Sarah Gelser
State Representative - Dan Rayfield

Local Candidates
County Commissioner #1 - Anne
Sheriff -
Mayor - Josh Gulliver
Ward 1 Council - Penny York
Ward 2 Council - Roen Hogg
Ward 3 Council - Zachariah Baker
Ward 4 Barbara Bull
Ward 5 Judson McClure
Ward 6 -
Ward 7 - Bill Glassmire
Ward 8 - Tracey Yee
Ward 9 -
Local Measure 02-88 - No
Local Measure 22-130 - Yes

Measure 86
By every account this should be called the Student Debt Relief Measure, as it creates an unfunded account for students to draw from for college tuition, books, and whatever else may be necessary. It is a weak proposal, referred to the voters by the legislature. It was a spin off from a "Pay It Later" proposal, which would provide the funds to students. Students, in exchange, would sign a contract to pay a certain proportion of their income into the fund to repay their costs but to provide working capital for future students. However, Republicans have traditionally hated funding education in Oregon and as long as they are in the legislature, this fund will likely remain nearly empty. However, it establishes the account in principle, and it will be relatively easy to fill it in future, as a relatively small handful of aging Republicans die and the state's Democratic and independent leanings make themselves felt. We therefore recommend voting for the proposal.

Measure 87
Measure 87 is a housekeeping measure. The Oregon Constitution prohibits those from one branch of government working on one of the 2 others. The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that means judges can't teach at public universities (they can at private ones) and similarly can't serve in the National Guard. The public needs to approve changes to the Oregon Constitution so this was referred to the voters.

Measure 88
There are 120,000 undocumented immigrants in Oregon. Without driver's licenses, they cannot be held accountable for insurance - it can't be purchased. Having tens of thousands on the road without insurance makes little sense, since the insurance companies will compensate by raising the coverage for all other drivers. Let's not kid ourselves. People will get to work, and will get their kids to school, as we wish for them to do, by the way. Without driver's licenses, it will cost everyone else money.

Measure 89
There are those who feel that women have pretty well secured their equality in every legal sense. Others would dispute that but no one disputes it as a goal, and one embodied pretty much in the law. But let's all look facts in the eye. We have an all male 5-4 Republican, pro-corporate majority on the Supreme Court (and all white and all Catholic if we discount the wannabee Clarence Thomas), and that Court is of the same mind set as the Supreme Court which rendered the Dred Scott decision. They are perfectly capable of ruling some Blue Sunday that equality for women is not guaranteed in the Constitution after all, and this amendment provides a safety cushion by incorporating those in the state Constitution.

Measure 90
Measure 90 seems cut and dried. A free-for-all primary election will be "non-partisan" and the 2 top vote-receivers will advance to the general election in the fall. Prior to the primary, the political parties will meet and endorse a candidate for the primary.
   It is the "meet and endorse" which is the insidious part of the proposal. The parties will choose their own mechanism for the endorsement but it will NOT involve a vote of the rank and file. Rather, party bigwigs will gather and choose someone of their own liking, as was done in the 19th century before the "Oregon System" introduced the nation to primaries, as well as referendums, recalls, and a host of other progressive ideas. The rank and file will be left out of the process, which is the intention.
   The massive infusion of cash from the most questionable of corporations and billionaires like John Arnold of Texas - who has given $500,000 to the effort to re-establish smoke-filled rooms (smoke free this century) is occurring because they know they will be at the table when the decision on names for the first election occurs.
   The referendum is touted as a means for the Republicans to throw out the "crazies" in their midst, which would include much of the Republican slate this election - Richardson, Close, Wehby (not a religious extremist but with some serious character flaws which a Dorchester-like committee would disqualify),  and Robinson. That ejection is neither the job of Oregonians as a whole nor is it in our interests. People, no matter their religious extremism or even sheer ignorance, have a right to vote. That's true not only for Tea Partiers but for others, all of whom will be barred from decision making by the "meet and endorse" strategy, which will only  further keep the republic
- as Steve Duin in the Oregonian says -  as "a footstool for the Koch brothers".

Measure 91
Measure 91 is the referendum endorsed by the NY Times today. It allows the possession of marijuana by any one over age 21, in limited quantities and provides tax revenue to the state. There is no question that the War on Drugs has been an expensive failure which has ruined tens of thousands of lives. Imprisoning anyone for their addiction alone is a ridiculous proposition, which is born of the "nanny state" some like to decry.

Measure 92
Genetic modification of the food we eat, and planting the result, is a serious matter, and Russia has, for example, designated it as a "terrorist act". However, Measure 92 addresses neither. It simply states you have a right to know what's in your food, a labeling principle long accepted in the US. "Big Agra" - the corporate farms want an exception for their genetic concoctions and they have an entire stable of paid consultants to push for it. We have a right to know. Whether you are in favor of GM foods or not, we all of us have a right to know what's in our food.

If the Republicans had endorsed a reasonable candidate, our endorsement of Kitzhaber might be up for grabs. Kitzhaber has been a terrible manager, whether one considers Cover Oregon, SAIF or the hoodwinking of Kitzhaber by Monsanto in the GM agricultural ruling, Kitzhaber has simply been asleep much of the time.
   However, Richardson is among the worst choices Republicans could have made. Having fathered 9 children, he is a walking ecological disaster, compounded by his subservience to ALEC, the Koch brothers personal shadow organization. On any issue, he is on the wrong side. A slumbering manager is superior to a vicious one.   
    In no other state race did we have equally strong doubts about endorsing anyone other than the above.
Sheriff - We do not know enough of the current Sheriff to be able to make a judgment call, which in and of itself is likely a recommendation.  Sheriffs tend to get well known when they're tyrants, corrupt or inept.
Josh Gulliver, on the other hand is a breath of fresh air. His opponent, Biff Traber is the most reviled member of the city Council. Like Mike Beilstein, he favors progressive views as long as they affect some other place, some other time. Locally, he is a proxy for developers and the most hardened corporate candidate could not outdo him in this field. When Traber says "I'm running on my record", and Gulliver replies "Me too, I'm running on Biff Traber's record", there is a real truth at play.
Penny York, and to a lesser extent Roen Hogg were the councilors we had fewest doubts about endorsing for re-election. The experience with Penny York, the most responsive Council member to the wishes of her constituents, suggests we need more women on the Council. We are therefore endorsing both women running with her - Tracey Yee and Barbara Bull. One of Tracey Yee's opponents seem competent, and we are sorry but we have to go for the balance on the Council.
   Joel Hirsch has been nothing if not a front man for developers, and his opponent is a realtor from Windemere, a realty firm so loathed that it has a website (Windemere Watch) devoted to them. Hirsch's opponent is listed on that website. We endorse neither.
   Similarly, Hal Brauner, in Ward 9, has been cozy with developers whenever he's attended meetings. He has no opponent and we endorse no one.
   Among newcomers, we have endorsed a newcomer Zachariah Baker. We also endorsed newcomer Bill Glassmire - his opponent is of the worst order, standing on the dais with the "crazies" of the Republican Party and boasting of his ties to the Mormon church a week after the Church expelled the advocates of gender equality and gay acceptance.
   We endorsed newcomer Judson McClure because everyone we spoke with was impressed with the young man. We did it despite the fact that he's from Georgia, and we never hear of Georgia without thinking of the bumper sticker referring to the movie Deliverance: "Paddle faster! I hear banjos!"

   The paucity of qualified candidates for city Council have once again made apparent that our city Manager form is not working. We need to have, perhaps as many as 3 paid elected city councilors, each responsible for a portfolio of various departments. The current salary of the city manager could be divided among the 3, providing each with a modest salary which would permit more candidates.
The current system places too much of a demand on volunteers.
   The performance of city managers over the years has proven to be unsatisfactory anyway. As a consequence, they have each left, often involuntarily.

Local Measure 02-88
This measure was a heartache discussing. The residents who live in the affected neighborhood are always struggling to find walkable parking space within reasonable distance of their homes, as the students and workers who live elsewhere in the city - as well as beyond - are always seeking out parking within reasonable distance of classrooms or work places. The streets each ends up parking on, are publicly funded. Those who live on a street pay not only to maintain their street but other streets in the city as well. Commuters who live in the city bear the same share of costs individually for maintaining the parking spaces in the affected neighborhood as those who live on those streets. They are as entitled to them.
   This does not negate the responsibility of OSU to provide parking spaces, at affordable costs, to students and workers. OSU has tended to regard students, especially, as income sources rather than as human beings. Every aspect of life is costly. Even trivial activities are inflated in cost. For example, OSU charges MORE for online classes than for those on campus, although the costs for the entire infrastructure is largely eliminated in online classes.
   The resistance is not just from the administration alone but from faculty who feel threatened when online courses are mentioned, and rightly so. Given a choice between an online class taught in a consortium by, say, a Stanford expert, or an OSU prof, most students would choose the more prestigious lecturer. OSU profs would be lost in the shuffle. OSU has said as much.
   Nonetheless, making online classes MORE affordable rather than LESS, could greatly diminish the number of students and workers. The truth is, no one at OSU really wants to see that. There is too much money at stake. Thus, it might make more sense for OSU to simply provide space on campus for those who live in the neighborhood, except that would likely be unacceptable to residents. They demand parking on the public street in front of their own home. Students and workers, of course, who park in the affected neighborhoods daily, walk that distance, ungrudgingly - twice - and it is that walk which this permit system would deny them, would greatly extend.
   The solution to the parking problem is one which OSU trembles when contemplating - online courses, which can be offered relatively inexpensively, to students while yet living at home, or anywhere else they choose. The infrastructure costs are minimal, the quality of the instructor can be impressive, and OSU is doing all they can to stave it off. The professors are fearful they will be dwarfed by the likes of MIT or Cal-Berkeley. The administration knows they would be extraneous. As a consequence, OSU makes online courses MORE expensive, not less. Nonetheless, it is coming.

Local Measure 22-130
Support for LBCC funding has traditionally come from Benton County, where a Democratic and Independent majority of voters has traditionally been supportive of education.
   It may therefore strike some as a little odd that the lion's share - 70% of the funding being requested will be spent in Linn County, where a Republican majority has traditionally been tight fisted with education. It is, however, in Benton County's interest that the bulk of the funds be devoted to Linn County. Any one reading the crime column on this page will instantly recognize that few in Benton County jails were raised in Corvallis. Most are from Linn County or Philomath, and it is in those two regions that we need to assist in deepening the maturity of the citizenry. Education is an important tool in doing so. It will save us money in the long run.