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Feb 23
Jody Hiser: More Corporate Welfare in Store for Oregon
'Oregon has about the lowest business taxes in the nation.
   Nonetheless, Senator Hass’ Finance and Revenue Committee has had a set of bills on their agenda to give even more take breaks to business. Every day for seven days now, the argument seems to be about how big the property tax break will be—someplace between $10 and $35 million a year. The cost depends on the version of the bills that might finally move forward. SB 611, 570 and 571 and their amendments will sharply reduce local property taxes for numerous businesses, by millions of dollar a year.
   Tax Fairness Oregon is fighting like crazy—to stop the back room action, negotiated behind closed doors, on these bills. We need your help. After all, lower property tax receipts are not in the public interest! As we have seen before, the outcome may not be guided by good public policy—but by huge political donations.
   Comcast, one of the biggest proponents of lowering their own taxes, gave $222,000 to Oregon election campaigns, and has its lobbyists working the capitol every day. Other business lobbyists are swarming.
    How can you help? Ask your legislators to say “NO” to a property tax break involving “intangible assets”* for Comcast and other giant corporations.
   Write to the five members of the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee, Senators Hass, Baertschiger, Boquist, Edwards and Riley at

Feb 19
Paul Cauthorn, who moved to submit the proposed parking permit system near campus to voters, who overwhelmingly defeated it in all wards, has responded to the latest attempt by council member Roen Hogg to salvage the plan:
At the 2/17/2015 council meeting you continued to advocate for increasing neighborhood parking restrictions. I would like to remind you that the voters in your ward (and the whole city) did not support increasing parking restrictions. In your ward alone, 999 people voted against the parking ordinance.
    From your statements at the recent council meeting, it appears that you are ignoring the will of the electorate. I feel that your personal agenda is overriding your ability to represent the citizens of your ward and this community. Pushing for a parking district and incorporating elements from the failed ordinance into the existing ordinance, as you suggested, demonstrates your disrespect for the voters.
   Also statements like, "We have a parking problem in the neighborhoods, but there is nothing OSU can do to fix that," is counterproductive to dealing with the root of the problem. Apparently from statements you made, you believe that more availability of parking on campus will not reduce the impact to the neighborhoods. That's a ridiculous assertion. When OSU eliminated free parking lots, increased cost for permits, and eliminated conveniently located parking lots, of course, this impacted neighborhood parking densities.
    You also made a repeated statement that you do not personally have adequate off-street parking at your house. Let's be honest about this situation once and for all.
    Your lack of off-street parking is not the fault of your neighbors, it is not the fault of the commuters, and it is not the fault of the voters. It was a choice Doug made to reduce parking on your property and cover what was historically adequate off-street parking with a deck and landscaping. You are receiving a benefit of a larger backyard as a result of the choice of removing off-street parking. It is not the community's problem that you only have one off-street parking place -- it was a choice that was made and choice that continues to be made.
   Moving forward, you have an opportunity to support your other councilors in holding OSU responsible for the impacts on our neighborhoods. The voters are supportive of the council taking actions in that direction. The voters will become outraged, if you continue to ignore the tested and quantified will of the people.
   There are many issues to deal with, other than just parking. It is time to move forward.
Paul Cauthorn

Cylvia Hayes

Once again, Cylvia Hayes has impressed us with the depth of vision she has of herself. Leaked emails show us the books she planned to publish over the net 4 years - on about herself, one about John Kitzhaber, and one about herself and Kitzhaver. Breathtaking.

Feb 17
Republicans in the legislature are doing their usual foot-dragging routine on anything that benefits Oregon workers, claiming sick leave will ruin business. It's ironic they'd be doing so the day an exposé in the Oregonian ran, showing a $700,000 corporate subsidy for a single corporate job in Hillsboro.

Feb 15

Mater: "The Real not Coal, it’s Fraud"

   As the federal grand jury probes deeper into the actions and transactions of Cylvia Hayes and her bf,Governor Kitzhaber, old decisions are being dug up and re-examined in light of recent developments. Among them are the axing of Corvallis resident Catherine Mater in the wake of a vote to turn down a coal export port, a firing once portrayed as a sop to a vindictive Republican legislator. In her most explicit explanation yet, Mater insists that the issue was not coal, but fraud. Writing the past week in the Astorian, she says "since Connect Oregon passage into Oregon law, projects forwarded to the OTC have been summarily approved ... until last year when a berth improvement project at the Port of St. Helens was denied funding.
   The project proposed to assist coal company Ambre Energy in the transport of coal through Oregon to foreign energy markets via the Port.
   The project was rejected on the basis of not complying with ConnectOregon legal requirements, but the criticisms — and accolades — pouring in from the public following the OTC decision squarely focused on the debate over Oregon’s role in coal.
    The real issue surrounding the story is not coal, it’s fraud: the submittal of fraudulent information to a public entity for the purpose of securing public funds. The Port of St. Helens submitted a request for $2 million in ConnectOregon lottery funds to pair with a $3 million match the Port said Ambre Energy had committed for the project. All ConnectOregon projects are required to have a funding match in order to be eligible for public funds.
   The problem? Coal issue aside — the Port never had a commitment from Ambre Energy to do the project in the first place — a fact that was discovered at the commission level after months of project review by Oregon Department of Transportation staff.
   Further, when asked, the Port could not show they had the funds in their own coffers to guarantee the required match in absence of Ambre Energy’s funding. To compound the problem, the Port claimed their project was ‘construction ready,’ but failed to disclose they have a serious operating permit problem with the Division of State Lands that will negate construction start up to a year (a fact that would disqualify the project from being ‘construction ready’ as is required by law).
   It seems that no construction at the Port will occur without the Port securing a new proprietary lease from DSL, a process that requires months of review and a full public hearing. This, too, was discovered at commission level.
   To exhibit such a reckless disregard for the truth, one can only conclude that the Port either felt they were above the law, should be awarded special treatment, or both.
   Consequently, the Port project was denied, but another project was approved at the same time. A Corvallis-to-Albany bike trail project submitted by Benton County proposed a bike trail to be constructed on railroad right-of-way between the two cities. Shortly after ConnectOregon project submittal to ODOT, the county discovered the railroad would deny use of their right-of-way for the project, placing the county back at square one for getting the project construction ready.
   In response, the county sought private property acquisition for the project by use of eminent domain and the project is now being contested by 100 percent of the farmland owners whose property will be affected. The county failed to disclose the railroad easement denial to the commission at the time of their August decision. As a consequence the project was unanimously approved for $2 million in public funds — based on misrepresentation of project status.
   Both projects are up for reconsideration at the February OTC meeting: the former by heavy political pressure to reverse the August OTC decision to deny project approval at the Port; the latter by citizen demand to revoke project approval from Benton County.
   Both are clear examples of an alarming fact: the Oregon Department of Transportation lacks oversight on projects submitted for ConnectOregon funding to ensure against project misrepresentation or project fraud. And, if OTC oversight is exercised, it is ignored or “removed.”
   It is times like this we all need to be reminded that no one is above the law; no governor; no senator; no government agency; no port."

UPDATE: Jody Wiser of Tax Fairness Oregon adds:
"We have an opportunity coming up to get some good news about state government in Oregon.

Until recently, the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) of the Department of Transportation (DOT) was Chaired by Catherine M. Mater, president of Mater Engineering in Corvallis and a senior fellow at the Pinchot Institute for Conservation. A distinguished Oregonian, Mater was appointed to the unpaid position by Governor John Kitzhaber. Until, that is, he suddenly fired her in January.

What happened? Mater stated that she discovered a fraudulent application for a grant under the ConnectOregon program of the DOT and she voted, along with two other members of the five-member Commission, to disqualify it. She has now updated her experience in detail in the Daily Astorian.

As Mater explains, the application requested a berth improvement project at the Port of St. Helens which would assist the Australian Amber Energy company in the transportation of coal by train through Oregon to Asian markets.

Specifically, the request was for $2 million to pair with a $3 million match that the Port said Ambre Energy had committed. But the Port never had a commitment from Ambre Energy, and did not have the $3 million on its own.

“To compound the problem,” Mater adds, “the Port claimed their project was ‘construction ready,’ but failed to disclose they have a serious operating permit problem with the Division of State Lands that will negate construction start up to a year (a fact that would disqualify the project from being ‘construction ready’ as is required by law).”

Therefore the project was rejected, she concludes, “on the basis of not complying with ConnectOregon legal requirements, but the criticisms—and accolades—pouring in from the public following the OTC decision squarely focused on the debate over Oregon’s role in coal.”

The OTC will meet to make a final decision on this and other grant applications on Thursday, Feb. 19th, in Salem. There is hope that, even in Mater’s absence, Commission members will respect her integrity and that of the two members who voted with her—which Governor Kitzhaber did not respect—and reject a fraudulent $2 million grant request so that the money can go to legitimate, much-needed transportation improvements.

Many Oregonians have already added that OTC transportation improvements should not include more coal trains! After all, air pollution in Asia blows right back in our face and increases “baseline levels of ozone in the Western U.S.” (“Pollution in West put partly on Asia,” Oregonian, Sunday, Feb. 8, A15)

It you’d like to register your opinion to the Commission by Feb. 19th, go to the ODOT Citizens’ Representative Office: ODOT/COMM/CRO/Pages/ contact_us.aspx
Or call 1-888-275-6368.

Let’s hope there’s a happy ending in this for Oregon!"

Feb 14
Governor Kitzhaber did Oregon Romantics a good turn by resigning on "Friday the 13th" rather than on a day later, on Valentine's Day. He couldn't possibly have lowered the image of the Thirteenth any, but Valentine's Day - even in the wake of a really BAD love affair - well, some things remain sacred.

Feb 11

Corvallis's Pete De Fazio - to the Defense of Craft Beer

   Corvallis Congressman Peter De Fazio was set off by a Budweiser ad during the recent Superbowl and is still on the rampage. "They know that the craft beer industry is eating their lunch,” the animated founder of the Small Brewers Caucus yelled. “More and more Americans are developing a taste for beer that isn’t insipid and has real taste, and so they’re now starting to buy them up.”
   DeFazio’s anger is partly due to recently watching 10 Barrel Brewing Co. of Bend, Ore. become another local operation added to the binder full of craft breweries acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev – a Belgium-based company that looks to be picking off the most successful American craft breweries one by one.
   The conglomerate boasts being the largest brewer in the world and claims to now control 25% of global beer sales. They couldn’t have reached a quarter of international beer sales without scooping up craft breweries in the U.S. though, which DeFazio said starkly contrasts with their Super Bowl message.
   "So it kind of contradicts their ad. I mean, they’re trying to say, ‘Oh, come on back and buy the schlock,’ yet on the other hand, they’re out buying up the good beer,” DeFazio said, before he added a warning. “They better not change the formula’s cause people will just stop buying it and someone else will replace them.”
   In related news, 6 brewers have taken on the challenge of turning purified Oregon sewage into craft beer. Says brewer Jeremie Landers, 'the water we'll be using is cleaner than tap water you'd ever find anywhere. The purity level is incredible.'

Archives here

Feb 19
'State economists are predicting that Oregon taxpayers will receive “kicker” income tax rebates next year.
The quarterly revenue forecast released Thursday projects nearly $350 million will be credited to taxpayers when they file their 2015 taxes.'

'Hoping to shed its reputation for offering little more than dead-end jobs [and welfare], Wal-Mart, the nation’s biggest private employer, is giving raises to nearly a half-million workers and offering what it says are more opportunities for advancement. Wal-Mart told The Associated Press that as part of $1 billion its spending to change the way it trains and pays workers, the company will give raises to nearly 40 percent of its 1.3 million U.S. employees in the next six months.'

Feb 14
'U.S. dairy exports in 2014 totaled $7.1 billion, an increase of nearly $400 million from $6.7 in 2013, according to the latest export report by U.S. Dairy Export Council.
At mid-year, those exports were up 22 percent from a year earlier at $4.5 billion, an increase of $800 million over $3.7 billion in the first half of 2013.
   U.S. exports to China saw the biggest retreat in the second half of 2014, down 1 percent for the year after having been up 32 percent in the first half of 2014. China slowed its purchases overall, not just from the U.S., in the second half of the year, said Alan Levitt, USDEC vice president of communications.
China purchased $452 million worth of U.S. dairy products in the first half of 2014 but only purchased another $245 million in the second half for a total of $697 million.'

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Ryan Lucas Wagner

Mr. Wagner is being held as a fugitive from another state as well as failing to appear on a charge of using a stun gun, tear gas, mace and aggravated harassment.

Elsewhere in Oregon, a 29-year-old man was fatally shot while sitting in the driver's seat of a white sedan in the middle of the afternoon Monday in North Portland'.

Feb 28

Kendra Sunderland

Ms Sunderland appeared in court today to plead not guilty to a charge of public indecency after photos of herself masturbating in the OSU library appeared online. She says she did not post the photos but it matters little. She is charged with the indecency, not with posting and unless she can prove her body was inhabited by another, she's probably looking at a conviction.

Thomas Paul Harrington

Mr. Harrington was also sentenced for a digital crime, specifically, with trying to lure a minor and the online corruption of a child. In Corvallis, that has almost always meant a perp responding to an ad placed by the police on a web site. Do any of these men, you think, realize how ridiculous they look when their picture is posted for tapping out sex messages to some burly - male or female - police sergeant trying to imagine what a young kid would say? Mr. Harrington is from Vancouver, Washington and was sentenced to 90 days.

Chad Ferschweiler

Our missing Pita Pit proprietor has been found, at a hotel in Lincoln City, where he fled - it seems - due to business pressures. The previous proprietor is reclaiming the business.

Elsewhere in Oregon, a man claiming to be a Meals on Wheels driver robbed an elderly woman at knifepoint after she let him in. 'Meals and Wheels said it is asking its clients to be careful about opening the door to someone they don't know or if the packaging doesn't have the Meals on Wheels signature.'

In Eugene,  'an intense road rage incident that started on the Randy Papé Beltline this morning resulted in two drivers ramming their vehicles into each other and one of them pulling out a hatchet before police arrived.'

Well Done, Mr. Nimoy

In Salem, Republican legislator Bill Post tried to steal Leonard Nimoy of Dr. Spock by claiming he was a Republican. "He was a legal alien who believed in prosperity," said Post in a speech without substance reminiscent of Bill O'Reilly's claims to combat experience which have been steadily refuted by those with him at the time.
   In reality, Nimoy despised the Republican Party and the values they espouse, as well as the Republican Americans for Prosperity who function as pitchmen for the notorious Koch brothers. In actuality, "Nimoy stood up for actress Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura, when he found out she was not being paid as much as other supporting cast members. And he refused to take part in a 1970s animated Star Trek TV show when he learned that she and George Takei, who played Sulu, had been excluded." He was particularly disgusted by the anti-science agenda which drives Republicans to flat-earth-like theories, for example on global warming or creationism. And to making unverifiable statements like Post's as well as to the theft of the hard work of others. Like Nimoy.

Feb 26

Miranda Emanuelle Edwards

Ms Edwards was one of 4 who appeared to start serving sentences for a probation violation. The other 3:

Erik Kimball Clifford Leo Hall Heather Lyn Reid
Christopher Michael Adams

Above: additionally, Mr. Adams was picked up on a charge of violating probation.

Bulon Emery Dunlap

Above: a man suspected of burglarizing Corvallis businesses last autumn is being held in the Albany jail. As is usual in such cases, Mr. Dunlap is another Linn County export.

Chad Ferschweiler

Above: Missing Corvallis Bright Spot and Pita Pit proprietor Chad Ferschweiler remains, well, missing. However, several readers have cautioned against assuming the worst, confessing instead their own occasional desires to lock the doors and walk away from the businesses they own. Says one, "When you own a business, people assume you're this money machine, and have no idea how much stress is involved in making payrolls, meeting bills, demands from vendors and the public. There are so many times you want to just walk away from all the stress. You're not getting richer. Just older."
No doubt.

Elsewhere in Oregon, 'the man who shot at a police officer before killing himself in a Southeast Portland home's backyard late Tuesday night was a former gang member who had escaped from a halfway house in January. Quintrell Shaimon Holiman, 26, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head as police surrounded him and used high-volume speakers to call for his surrender. The Oregon Medical Examiner's Office ruled his death a suicide.

In Washington, 'two severely malnourished 8-year-old twins are recovering after relatives took them from their mother and alerted authorities'.

Elsewhere, in Idaho, 'authorities have recruited Idaho State University staff and graduate students to help search some large caves for a missing human head in a mysterious cold-case killing.'

Mirjana Puhar

The killing of Serb refugee Mirjana Puhar and "America's Next Top Model" by a 19 year old in North Carolina was a drug related crime, officials say after arresting a 19 year old in the murder.

Feb 24

Ronald Leonard Cochran

Mr. Cochran was arrested in Polk County for not showing up on a Benton County assault charge, etc.

Hilary Janelle Flaming

Ms Flaming was charged last year with a DUII and has shown up to serve a 90 day sentence.

Feb 24

Nathan Emerson Arnold

It's been almost 2 years since Mr. Arnold was charged with a DUII,  and he seems bent on making up for the lost time.

59 year old Dale Allen Tripp has been charged with domestic violence assault. In Oregon, an allegation of assault in a domestic violence situation will nearly always result in an arrest and a no-contact order. Little leeway is allowed the arresting officer for investigation. Past incidents of abusers hiding behind opened doors and directing a victim's answers while the officer investigated have resulted in laws designed to minimize that possibility.

Chad Ferschweiler

   We in Corvallis, incidentally, would gladly trade ANY number of those sentenced to the county jail for the beloved Chad Ferschweiler, proprietor of the Pita Pit, who disappeared last week. Mr. Ferschweiler has occasionally taken off for shorter periods of time but his loved ones and police are concerned this time.

David Enami (Left)

Elsewhere in Oregon, a prominent Portland developer has been found guilty of stealing the wages of 33 employees using a double set of books, and ordered to repay $512,290 stolen.

Bikram Choudhury

Elsewhere, Bikram yoga, a popular brand of super-hot yoga run by a Speedo-sporting, hip-thrusting alleged sex guru, is experiencing a crisis of faith as multiple sexual assault lawsuits move forward against its figurehead and namesake, Bikram Choudhury. 
   The New York Times reports hot yoga studios are dropping their Bikram branding due to the six civil suits now pending against him, the most recent of which was filed just a week ago.. he has "a propensity to sexually assault young women," and is surrounded by an inner circle that both knows about and enables the abuse. Two of the women suing him allege he raped them at teacher training sessions, one as far back as 2005. . 

Feb 23

Jamie Maria Purcell

Ms Purcell has been indicted for heroin and meth, and she has been charged 2 times previously on similar counts, most recently last December. Once again, we are spending an excessive amount of time and money criminalizing addictions.

Trevor Leland James Pittam Rocky Conser James Clavis Kittrell

Mr. Kittrell has graduated from being charged with drugs 4 times previously, with heroin, pot and pharmaceuticals, to become a public menace with a new hit and run charge. But you have to wonder, if not for the previous convictions, would the hit-and-run have occurred?
   Mr. Conser is on a new binge of arrests, this one the 22nd time he has been charged recently, for DUII and reckless driving.
   Mr. Kittrell, who also has had a Lane County charge for theft, is facing his 6th charge in Benton County for criminal mischief this time.

Governor Kate Brown

Above: elsewhere in Oregon, governor Kate Brown has taken steps which will have " a chilling effect on future whistleblowers /leakers", according to a legal expert, by starting an investigation of who leaked former governor Kitzhaber's emails trying to cover up his ethically challenged behavior. "Meanwhile, two high-ranking state managers were placed on administrative leave on Friday pending the investigation. One, Michael Rodgers, is the same manager who blocked a well-publicized effort by Kitzhaber's staff to delete copies of his personal emails stored in state archives." Smells like business as usual in Salem.

'Five alleged white supremacist gang members are accused of kidnapping and torturing men at a Southeast Portland auto shop because they either "snitched'' on them or wouldn't cough up information that the gang members wanted, according to court records.
   Two of the suspected gang members are accused of forcing a man from his Gresham home at gunpoint to Tom's Auto Painting & Body Shop on Southeast Powell Boulevard, where they stripped him, struck him with bats and a belt, and used a belt sander on his left upper arm, according to court documents and Multnomah County sheriff's investigators.
  After placing a helmet on the man's head, they fired a rifle at the helmet, striking it four or five times, while they threatened to kill him, according to the sheriff's investigation. The rifle had a silencer on it, authorities said.
   They finally injected him in the neck with heroin before leaving him passed out on the street in his boxer shorts less than a mile away, according to the sheriff's investigation.'

Feb 20

Dusty Lee Risland

Mr. Risland, of Philomath, has been charged with ID theft, his 22nd time to be charged in 4 years, which includes a stint in prison, when he was unavailable to be charged for stealing anything. Court records show Mr. Risland was born addicted to meth and has spent his life in pursuit of it. It's sad but true: he will likely die being shot in a car prowl which would have netted him $1.75 if successful.
  His parents laid a tremendous burden on the shoulders of a tot, and the tot is still struggling.

Kyler Ross Wilson Gage Tyler William-son David Paul Living-ston

Mr. Wilson has been charged for the 6th time. In the past it's been for meth, theft, car prowls, etc. This time it's for theft again.
   Mr. Williamson is being held at the request of another police agency. Mr. Livingston, identified on the web as from Monroe, has been charged for the 4th time, for theft this time.

Cecil James Schrader

Mr. Schrader is another gift from Linn County. He showed to start a 20 day sentence for violation of parole/probation supervision.

Feb 19

Steen Alvin Skinner
Mr. Skinner has been charged for the 9th time in a little more than 2 years, for assault, harassment, etc. In the past, it's been for theft, assault, etc. Mr. Skinner has been a part of the homeless youth scene downtown.
Shawn Evan Newport David Wayne Thompson Stepha-nie Ryan Lanig

Mr. Newport has been charged for the 3rd time in 2 years, for meth. In the past, it's been for drugs or theft. Mr. Thompson has been charged for the 9th time in a little more than 2 years, for meth, etc. In the past, it's been for meth, burglary, etc.
    Ms Lanig has been charged with theft and robbery. She has repeatedly been charged in Portland, for meth etc.

James Derby Rictor Richard Wayne Gage

Mr. Rictor has been charged for the 8th time in a little more than a year, for theft. In the past, he's been charged for stealing a car, meth, etc. Like most such, he is another gift from Albany. Mr. Gage has been charged for the 12th time in a little more than 2 years. Usually it's been for drugs and this time it's for meth.

Jerome Kersey

Above: elsewhere in Oregon, doctors are saying that Trailblazer Jerome Kersey, who died yesterday at age 52, ' died when a blood clot broke loose from his left calf, traveled to his lungs and caused a pulmonary thromboembolism. "When a clot gets to the lung it seeks a vessel of the same size and they plug up,'' said Lewman, deputy state medical examiner."
   Kersey was central to the team and was among 4 players arrested in Utah for statutory rape, commencing the "Jailblazer" era.

In Eugene, an ASUO vice president arrested after posting threats on Facebook 'will undergo a mental health evaluation after a judge ruled that he is not fit to proceed with his court hearing... Kindred made a series of angry and seemingly nonsensical statements last week during a previous court hearing, which prompted his attorney to ask a judge to rule that the UO senior is not fit to proceed in court."

Screenshot  Titled "Amanda Hancock Lactation"

Above: A couple who produced "lactation" videos, Stephen Michael Williams Jr. and Amanda Marie Hancock, for a porn site were charged with starving their baby to death in Douglas County, Oregon.

Feb 17

Kimberly Theresa Hakes

Above: Police are now saying that Kimberly Hakes, whose body was found across the river in Berg Park, died from "serious head trauma". She was 42.

Kimberly Hakes

Above: Ms Hakes was charged in 2011 with domestic assault. She appears to have lived in Corvallis much of her adult life and was well known in homeless circles.
   Despite the "head trauma" phrase, homeless people who gathered at the courthouse last night insisted that someone had emptied a shotgun into Ms Hakes' face, a horrific scenario for her Twenty-Something daughter, they said.
They also insisted on the disappearance of her spouse, whether before or after the killing, none were certain.

Bobby Wade Loftis

Mr. Loftis has been charged for the 6th time in the recent past, this time for methadone, tampering with evidence, etc. He is listed as a registered sex offender in Philomath, having been convicted of sex abuse and rape III in 2001 and 2009.
   Additionally in Corvallis, a 68 year old man and a 37 yrar old woman were charged with driving offenses.

Elsewhere in Oregon, 'a California man, who claimed detectives assaulted him during an interview at the Lane County Jail last month, was found guilty of attempted coercion and initiating a false report after surveillance video in the holding cell showed the man punching himself in the face several times.'

A Portland man caught on video stealing $30,000 in casg was apprehended hours later and had $982 left. He had wearied of unreliable vehicles and plopped cash down for a Cadillac Esplanade.


See archives here.

Note: Everyone should be assumed innocent until convicted. There are several sleazy websites across the country posting mugshots, utilizing photos owned by the public, in the public domain, all run by Portlander Kyle Ritter, which will remove your mugshot for $39 or such from their sites. This is not one of them. Do not send in cash trying to have a mugshot removed. It would just be a waste of your time and your money. Instead, put your time into turning your life around. And your money into your kids.

Feb 19
'Contaminated medical instruments are suspected in a "superbug" outbreak at a Los Angeles hospital that has infected at least seven patients, two of whom died. More than 170 others may have been exposed to the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.'

Feb 11
'A fraternity and sorority held a party at the home of the third University of Oregon student diagnosed with a contagious bacterial infection -- meningococcemia.Lane County Public Health is contacting the students to tell them they may want an antibiotic to stop the spread of the disease.A fraternity and sorority held a party at the home of the third University of Oregon student diagnosed with a contagious bacterial infection -- meningococcemia. Lane County Public Health is contacting the students to tell them they may want an antibiotic to stop the spread of the disease.'

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Feb 26
2 years ago, the issue of net neutrality was regarded as a slam dunk for corporate megalith Comcast and their ilk. That meant crawling internet speeds in towns like Corvallis would not only continue but get worse. Several grass roots efforts funded by streamers like Netflix helped fund a grass roots effort to turn back the tide and today the FCC responded, declaring internet traffic a utility, like telephone service. That greatly increases the likelihood of faster service for Corvallis residents since the public utility poles will now be made available.
   Nonetheless, Comcast is organizing Republicans for a fallback position stripping the FCC of their power to regulate utilities and the charge is ld by Oregon's lone remaining Republican Greg Walden, who has served Comcast like few others. However, organizing partisan pressure to block the Republican move to bolster profits at the public's expense would have been a lot easier if the new Oregon governor, Kate Brown, had not turned herself into a Comcast plaything during her stint as Secretary of State, allowing Comcast to even ghost write the state's position when her opinion was solicited by the FCC.

Feb 24
'Apple’s operating system is considered to be the most secure operating system whether it’s Mac OS X for desktop computers or iOS for iPhones. But believe it or not, they are the most vulnerable operating system of year 2014.'

A D.C. man is suing Uber for $2 million in federal court after claiming a driver stabbed him. Erik Search said that Uber driver Yohannes Deresse was acting "erractically" when he and his friends got in the car, so they hopped out and walked away. Deresse allegedly followed them and then stabbed Search at least six times.'

Feb 23
' 'SuperFish' advertising software recently found pre-installed on Lenovo laptops is more widespread than what we all thought. Facebook has discovered at least 12 more titles using the same HTTPS-breaking technology that gave the Superfish malware capability to evade rogue certificate.
   The Superfish vulnerability affected dozens of consumer-grade Lenovo laptops shipped before January 2015, exposing users to a hijacking technique by sneakily intercepting and decrypting HTTPS connections, tampering with pages and injecting advertisements.
   Now, it's also thought to affect parental control tools and other adware programmes. Lenovo just released an automated Superfish removal tool to ensure complete removal of Superfish and Certificates for all major browsers. But, what about others?'

Feb 19
'The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) may be hiding highly-sophisticated hacking payloads in the firmware of consumer hard drives over the last 15 to 20 years in a campaign, giving the agency the means to eavesdrop.

Feb 16
'The most popular Chinese Bitcoin exchange BTER announced that it has been hacked on Valentine’s Day and lost more than £1.1 Million-worth ($1.75 Million; one BTC is about $270) of the digital currency. The Bitcoin Exchange hasn't revealed more details about suspects behind the breach or how the cold wallets were compromised, except that 7,170 Bitcoin cryptocurrency was stolen from the company's "cold wallets," a way of storing the digital currency offline.'

Feb 15
'A hacker group has infiltrated a number of banks and financial institutions in several countries, stealing hundreds of Millions of dollars in possibly the biggest bank heist the world has ever seen.'

Feb 14
'Security researchers have warned of a pair of vulnerabilities in the Google Play Store that could allow cyber crooks to install and launch malicious applications remotely on Android devices'.

Comcast is screaming about California's approval of their merger with Time Warner, because of the conditions attached, including affordable internet and banning Comcast objections to municipally owned fiber.

Feb 11
' Remember RapidShare? Once one of the world's most popular and first ever one-click online file hosting and cloud storage website on the Internet. The company has announced that it will shut down its business at the end of next month. RapidShare file hosting service announced its shut down Tuesday through a notice on its official website, saying that it will stop active service on March 31, 2015. All user accounts on the website will no longer be available after this date, and all files will be deleted automatically.'

'There are several sources who are reporting layoffs at Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) today. Notable layoffs include Linda "Brasse" Carlson (former Global Community Relations Lead) and Dave Georgeson (former Director of Development / Franchise Director for Everquest, EverQuest II, and EverQuest Next / Landmark).'

New data shows smartphone thefts have declined 40% in San Francisco since "killl switches" were introduced by most manufacturers.

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Eric McKinley was our local connoisseur of ska music and cafe denizen whose unit was activated and sent to Iraq by George Bush to patrol with inadequately armored vehicles. When Congressional funds for armoring the vehicles were diverted by the notorious Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska (later tried on corruption charges), Eric's unit was reduced to using plywood to give their vehicles some additional protection. When an insurgent's IED hit Eric's vehicle, his horrified teammates were forced to watch as the heat of the burning plywood began exploding the grenades strapped to Eric's body. Eric, you are not forgotten and will live forever in our hearts.