The War of the Oaken Bucket (Italy)

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This  war started over a stolen bucket. A group of soldiers from Modena invaded Bologna to steal a brown oak bucket. Bologna became angry and went to war with Modena to take back their bucket and restore their pride. The two cities fought for 12 years and thousands of lives were lost. Modena won the war; the people of Bologna never got their bucket back.

The War of the Fleeing Wife (Zulus vs. Great Britain)


 Umblana, the wife of the Zulu chief Sitlay, left him and hid in British territory. When the Zulus found her, they shot her. England declared war on the Zulus for crossing into their territory. The Zulu forces were crushed by the British.

The Pig War (Austria-Hungary vs. Serbia)


Pigs were not allowed to be sold by Serbia to Austria-Hungary. Serbia wanted to become less dependent on goods from Austria-Hungary and started trading their pigs for French goods. As a result, Austria-Hungary got angry with Serbia and forced Serbia to find new markets for their pigs.

The War of the Stray Dog (Greece vs. Bulgaria)


When the dog of a Greek soldier wandered across the border into Macedonia, the soldier ran after it and was shot by a Bulgarian guard. The Greek troops became so angry that they invaded Bulgaria. More than 50 men were killed before the League of Nations intervened and stopped the war.

The Soccer War (El Salvador vs. Honduras)

July 14-30, 1969

 Tensions from a soccer match between the national teams of El Salvador and Honduras, exacerbated by the economic disparities between the two countries, escalated into fighting. Salvadoran immigrants were then expelled from Honduras and the countries went to war. Some 2,000 people were killed in 16 days. The Organization of American States intervened to end the fighting.